Thursday, October 09, 2008

When Did Ohio Join the Deep South?

Wow, this is pretty embarassing:

And before the inevitable comment from someone about how I think "All conservatives are dumb and all liberals are smart", I'll just say right out in front that this isn't about intelligence -- the people in this video are simply racist, pure and simple. Okay, a couple of them are completely fucking stupid beyond belief claming that because his last name is "Obama", he is a likely Muslim terrorist.

All apologies for my favorite Ohioan (you know who you are). I'm hoping you didn't have to grow up with the mooks in this video.

Honestly, I never knew having a white mother from Kansas was a required bloodline to be a terrorist...

There are a lot of very valid reasons why someone may choose to support the McCain/Palin ticket. After all, reasonable minds can certainly differ on the direction in which our nation's policies should lead. Frankly, I think voting to continue the policies of the last eight years would be a terrible mistake, but we do not live in a Communist one party state.

But really, to claim the Democratic candidate is a terrorist because of his name, or the color of his skin? Really?

If for no other reason, I would love to see an absolute Obama/Biden landslide next month solely to watch racist pigs like some of those depicted in this video go apoplectic at the thought that a nation could vote a black man who doesn't have an Anglo-Saxon surname be fairly elected to lead them.

Of course, it's easy for people to claim I'm "unhinged". Instead, why won't they answer the question about McCain's actual involvement with the board of an anti-Semitic organization (for several years) that directly funded and armed right wing terrorist death squads in Central America, and whose involvement took place during the very time of that organization's disgusting behavior?

Oh yeah, it's becuase it would require not only a complete reversal of their Ayres argument, but an admission that it's okay to pal around with terrorist supporters, just as long as they're Republican terrorist supporters.

I guess if your last name is of Scottish ancestry, by definition you're unable to have shady personal connections. Oh, the benefits of being a rich white multi-millionaire, I guess.

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