Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sometimes, You Just Gotta LOL, You Betcha

The new face of the GOP:

WTF is a "socialest" anyway? I suppose that can only mean they're more social than anyone else.

That is, unless you're black, or have beyond a 6th grade education.

I wonder if one of those mooks on that porch is the guy who shouted "sit down, boy!" at a black media cameraman at a Palin rally yesterday. Or maybe one of them is the jerk who shouted "Kill him!" in reference to a presidential candidate?

Really, all you can do is laugh. I mean, now I get it. Now I see why Obama supporters are called elitist. It's because an unhealthy percentage of McPalin supporters probably can't even spell their own names, much less the basest code word talking points of the campaign.

Okay, to be fair, they actually consider us "ehleetest".


Easycure said...

All conservatives are dumb and all liberals are smart. Ha ha. THat's an old tired line from your ilk.

Elitist is another word for asshole, and if the shoes fits...the terrorist loving, has done nothing in his life hack from Chicago can wear it.

Mondogarage said...

You say I believe all conservatives are dumb, all libruls are smart, etc, etc, etc, and that our candidate is a terrorist lover.

Well, answer me this, what about your candidate's associations with an organization that funded right wing death squads, and is known to have been viruently anti-Semitic?

There's many colors of paint for that brush of "guilt by association".

Why is it that only at Republican rallies, that people yell out "Kill him!" in reference to the opposition's candidate, and why only people at Republican rallies use derogatory racial language, such as "sit down, boy!" when talking to a black media cameraman?

Why is that?

Begala was right -- McCain doesn't want to play that game, because he's going to lose, hard. Working to fund right wing death squads, and essentially being involved with Iran-Contra? Not such a good idea, golly, you betcha.

OhCaptain said...

Being a Minnesotan, be careful with your "You betcha" references. We are not part of the confederate and never have been. "You betcha" is a distinctly Minnesota/Dakota vernacular and should be treated with respect.

You seriously don't want to offend a group of people that will throw themselves into a frozen lake in January and don't consider it cold until diesel fuel no longer flows.

The seasons are changing and we must prepare for 7 months indoors without sunlight. That is all.

Mondogarage said...

Hahaha...thanks for setting me straight, ohcaptain. I'm brought back to my two years stationed in Michigan's UP, in between the frozen Superior and Michigan, where even a day of zero clouds can yield four inches of snow...

Actually, that part was fun. Euchre, not so much. :-)