Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Credit Due and Paid

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post putting up a document purported to be Sarah Palin's SAT scores.

I mentioned the document had been unconfirmed, but the scores were nevertheless pretty atrocious.

Well, Snopes has now, in their view, determined that the document is in fact a fake. So it's only fair for me to point out that Palin did not, apparentely, only score 825 or whatever combined on her SAT. That actually gives me some measure of comfort.

As it turns out, even the Good Doctor Mondo did not score particularly well on her SAT or GRE, but as she pointed out, that did not stop her from earning two Master's Degrees and a Ph.D., so it shouldn't have mattered anyway. (That said, I still find Palin's perceived lack of intellectual curiousity alarming, but that's a different story entirely.)

I'll write later on pokerz. Last night was quite a bit of fun, actually....

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