Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday Night Punishment

7:00pm - So here we go, trying to maintain the run-hot. First on the agenda, the 7pm Full Tilt Daily Doubles, a Stars $5.50, followed shortly by the Bodog $10+1 $5k guarantee, and a $10+1 $5k guarantee at Stars. Let's see if we can pick up a few pots...PUTTING BRAKES ON THIS POST

Okay, never mind all that.

Wow, that's about the single worst, and most expensive, night of online donkery I've ever been a part of. I'm not even going to tell any bad beat stories.

Suffice it to say that out of approximately 15 tournaments, I had only one min-cash, in the cheapest tournament I played, for barely the amount of the buy-in. Went out near the bubble in several other much more expensive tournaments. Biggest mistake of the night was essentially mis-clicking and entering a $50r on Bodog with 60 runners. Of course, I had to take the add-on, as I was above average at break, only to near immediately after run KK into AA...so yeah, I dropped $100 on a single tournament, which is insanely out of my Bodog roll. How fucking stupid.

Crashed out of everything, and I mean everything, except the Stars $5.50, with fuckall to show for it. It's official, my run hot run is O V E R.

The overall roll is still up tremendously this month, but boy, last night was a lesson in humility, and I'm definitely back to $10-12 buyins, max.

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