Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trying to Find My Skillz

Oh, there they are.

Tonight's my favorite flavor of blonkament, the Pot Limit Omahi Hi/Lo -- bring your own straitjacket, because the play in this thing is going to be insane (present company included, no doubt).

I have to wonder how the word "skill" can be fairly applied to a bunch of min-talent bloggers when it comes to the ultimate high-variance game. But it hurts, and we like it that way. Or something.

According to our host, cemfrommd, Full Tilt has slightly goofed on the buy in tonight, so it's only $10+1, instead of the normal $12+1. So it's cheaper, wee.

I plan on staying much more within my bankroll tonight, after last week's mostly unintentional bankroll-blowup. I haven't decided whether or not to play the Daily Doubles tonight -- that depends on whether I get home in time to take one crack at winning a token to the $28k donkament. Trying to make it up to Step 3 on Stars most likely, as well. So my online poker menu's pretty much up in the air, as long as I can hold myself to no more than 4-5 tables, it could even be a good night.

Hope to see some of you cats out at the tables tonight.

Oh yeah, almost forgot -- I got my Bodog check in the FedEx over the weekend. So payout took about seven weeks. Not the most convenient thing in the world, but I can deal. We're not talking rent money here. But the system works, and for that I am grateful.

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lightning36 said...

I'm taking this sucker down tonight. Bank on it.