Monday, October 06, 2008

New Non-Poker Site, and Congratulations In Order

First off, please let's all go over to Sprstoner's page and extend him congratulations for taking down the Full Tilt $150R $80,000 guarantee last night, for a whopping $58,425!!! With rebuys, the prize pool was a massive $233k, and Sprstoner just pwned that thing.

Awesome job. That has got to be the biggest blogger score ever (that is, if you don't include that handful of true full time pro players who happen to have blogs, such as Negranu and Shaniac....)

Anyway, I just wanted to point you guys, especially the foodie types, to a new blog written by an absolutely wonderful executive chef who does some sitting in at our local farmer's market. Deb describes herself as "A food enthusiast, private chef, culinary instructor, and a self professed 'food pusher' who owns 1012 cookbooks and counting....."

Her blog is called The Tasty Bits, and I can assure you from sampling, the recipes are fantastic. The Good Doctor Mondo (as chef extraordinaire) and I (as barely useful sous chef) have been working up Deb's recipes for ourselves for a few weeks now, and I can tell you that every single one of them is well worth trying. Seriously, who comes up with combining goat cheese with spaghetti squash? S'awesome.

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