Thursday, October 16, 2008

Better Than A Thousand Words

One is cool, calm, and collected. The other is a zombie.



lightning36 said...

You are a hopeless democrat junkie. Shoot that garbage right in the ol' veins.

McCain's only hope is that there are enough democrats who won't vote for Obama purely because of race.

My prediction was originally a McCain 51-49% victory. Now -- Electoral College landslide for Obama.

Mondogarage said...

Actually, I'm a registered independent, and have voted for a handful of Republicans over the years. Even voted for Perot once.

But once the holier-than-thou neocons took over that party, that pretty much ensured they'd never represent my viewpoints.

I'm predicting an Obama win, comfortable, but short of a true landslide.

What I'm enjoying more is the hypocrisy of the far right, demonstrated via:

1. calling liberals the Angry Left, when it's only right wingers calling for torture and death to Obama;

2. claiming the mantle of morality, yet basically championing the Palin family for multiple generations of out of wedlock preganancies;

3. trying to practice guilt by association, yet turning a blind eye to McCain's relationship to death squads.

Stuff like that -- assigning traits to Democrats that are actually their own. I think it's rather comical, but it's just Rovian 101.

I have no idea whether Obama's going to be the perfect president, but I'm 100% certain he'll be better for the country than McCain, because McCain will be no different than Bush, and the last eight years have sucked hard, in so many ways.

Quite possibly, I could have voted for Romney in some matchups (say, against John Edwards), but the evangelical right took over the party base, and he'll never be the nominee, because the Republican party will never nominate someone who is not a white Christian, preferably a fundamentalist. The Republican Party has become a party of exclusion, in many ways.

Who knows, if they manage to get over themselves and nominate Jindal in 2012, that would be a sign.

goooooood girl said...

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