Friday, October 30, 2009

When Being A Calling Station Pays

PokerStars Game #34633944073: Tournament #206545239, $3.00+$0.30 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XX (700/1400) - 2009/10/28 20:49:20 MT [2009/10/28 22:49:20 ET]
Table '206545239 8' 4-max Seat #1 is the button
Seat 1: nerv1 (26823 in chips)
Seat 2: Mondogarage (83670 in chips)
Seat 3: Thxalot (102091 in chips)
Seat 4: ironrat317 (34156 in chips)
nerv1: posts the ante 175
Mondogarage: posts the ante 175
Thxalot: posts the ante 175
ironrat317: posts the ante 175
Mondogarage: posts small blind 700
Thxalot: posts big blind 1400
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Mondogarage [Ac Qc]
ironrat317: folds
nerv1: folds
Mondogarage: raises 2800 to 4200
Thxalot: raises 7000 to 11200
Mondogarage: calls 7000
*** FLOP *** [2c Kh Kc]
Mondogarage: checks
Thxalot: bets 8800 (could be a value bet with a K, or protecting less than nut flush draw? pocket pair?)
Mondogarage: calls 8800 (why not, I do have nut flush draw)
*** TURN *** [2c Kh Kc] [3h]
Mondogarage: bets 8400 (okay, time to protect my flush draw now)
Thxalot: raises 8400 to 16800 (okay, he's gotta have a K, right?)
Mondogarage: calls 8400
*** RIVER *** [2c Kh Kc 3h] [9c] (not the nuts, but a lowercase yahtzee?)
Mondogarage: bets 7000 (trying to induce a raise here)
Thxalot: raises 53200 to 60200 (hmm...tell me he didn't play 99, plz)
Mondogarage: calls 39695 and is all-in (in for a penny, in for a pound)
Uncalled bet (13505) returned to Thxalot
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Thxalot: shows [6c 4d] (a pair of Kings) (holy CRAPTASTIC stone cold bluff)
Mondogarage: shows [Ac Qc] (a flush, Ace high) (thank you, come again!)
Mondogarage collected 167690 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 167690 | Rake 0
Board [2c Kh Kc 3h 9c]
Seat 1: nerv1 (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 2: Mondogarage (small blind) showed [Ac Qc] and won (167690) with a flush, Ace high
Seat 3: Thxalot (big blind) showed [6c 4d] and lost with a pair of Kings
Seat 4: ironrat317 folded before Flop (didn't bet)

That hand ended up setting me up for a really deep run in what was, I think, a 1000 player tournament. What even made this better was that at one point, a short bit before the money bubble, I was in the BB holding 52o, with less than one BB behind, when UTG raised and everyone else folded. I thought, fuck it, I got nothing left, and I'd be headsup either totally crushed, or with two live cards. So I called, and he flipped up something like AT or AJ. Flop comes A34 rainbow, and BOOM! I survived. And then thrived, big time.

Weird spot...with five tables (20 players) left, four of the top six stacks were all at the same table. All the chips. I came into that table 3rd in chips.

It was a real chance to make hay, and the tourney winner really would have been expected to come from us four.

Of course, I went out 15th, when small blind caught his OESD on the turn. (I was holding TPTK, and he waited to raise me all in until the river. Meh. Still, given the comeback, I could go away sorta happy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"On the Road Again"

...I just can't wait to get on the road again...

Wow. I was just getting ready to write about how it sometimes feels as if the healing process never, ever, ever gets there...when I get a phone call from the Good Doctor Mondo, telling me that tomorrow, we once again move her. This time, from a long term acute care hospital, to a rehabilitation hospital in northern Colorado.

This is simply wonderful news!

When I was touring the various rehab hospitals last week, one of the main points I took from them was that the average length of stay is along the lines of 14-21 days or so. Undoubtedly, this is in large part due to the thieves who run our insurance companies (don't worry, theirs is coming soon...). But the upshot of that is that there is now a high likelihood of the Good Doctor Mondo coming home in time for Thanksgiving.

Believe me, we will be giving thanks this year. For many many things. But perhaps simply for the very instance of the occasion most of all.

As for last night's pokering...that's a subject better left unsaid. Gawd I can be a donk sometimes, and my inability to fold TT on an 8-high board cost me a top 20 stack in the Bodog $50+5 10k guarantee after 2/3 of the field were gone...oh yeah, let's keep that unsaid.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Satellite Of Love"

Continuing the short-run of song titled posts...ah, who am I kidding, that could end as soon as I reach the end of my short leashed creativity tether.

But have I mentioned how much I love Bodog's $Ts satellites? Because I do. I do, I tells ya. Yes, yes, they can get quite frustrating at times, when you run 3-4 of them, which typically pay only one or two spots, and you finish 3rd or 4th in all of them. But when you win a, certainly makes up for it.

Had a nice run the other day, winning three in a row. Two were $16 buyins, the other a $7r, but the end result of the three was a net gain of around $430T. Sweet. Maybe, just maybe, one of these days I'll take the plunge into the $100k (with juicy overlay) that these satellites feed in to. I think I'd first like to reach a point where the buyin is no more than 10% of my Bodog roll. And no, we're not there yet. Perhaps 2/3 of the way there, but not there just yet.

In the meantime, I'll keep taking a few shots at their $30-50 buyins, but my last two attempts at the $30 3k guarantee have gone down in flames to early donktardo play by villians that have gotten horribly rewarded on the river, such as calling into my PF, flop, and turn all-in bets (with me holding JJ) on boards with nothing but rainbow number cards with KQo, only to hit the Q on the river. Pretty gross, but when you're buying in with $Ts, the loss is easier to chalk up to the value of getting great notes on a fish. Well, sometimes.

On a similar note, I followed my own head, as well as the advice of a couple quality bloggers (as well as Tycou, whose blog I can't find), and cashed out my Sunday Million ticket for the $Ts. Now that I've exhausted the $T216 from that win, I can report that the overall results were...well, let's just say Waffles-like. That is to say, pretty much break even. I'll take it, I suppose...over a series of SNGs, and a decent cash in a $3r 180-man, the tournament bucks became right around the same amount in cold. hard. cash.

So overall, poker's actually been pretty good to me these days. Except on Full Tilt, of course, where I don't think I've cashed since...oh...2002, it feels like.

Taking a hospital night off, and rehearsal's bumped to Thursday. Aaaaand, one of my two blog sponsors re-upped for another 90 days (thus dropping a few $$$ into my FTP account), so I should actually be able to play the Skillz game tonight. Of course, it's on Full Trashmondo Poker, so my money is dead before I even register for it. Tonight it's PL Omatard Hi, which makes the previous sentence triply true. So join in for shenanigans, won't ya?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Surreality - Part 1

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Click the photo for the punch line frame...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Walk, Don't Run"

I can't think of anything more emblematic of what has to be the best day in my life in a really, really, really long time.

You see, the Good Doctor Mondo took her first steps today, since falling ill. Ten of them, in fact. In groups of two or three, and most certainly not unaided. But she took steps. She walked!!

So yeah, I need some Ventures today. It's a great great day indeed. We're holding out hope for her to be home by Thanksgiving, we'll see!

Oh, and thanks to Waffles for linking that wonderful post by Kid Dynamite regarding new FCC disclosure...umm..."guidelines" regarding blogger endorsements. Not that anyone's ever actually asked me to endorse anything. But here, I'll endorse the FCC for their FCCing rules. Why? Because I think they're going to lead to much quality blogging and snark about the FCCing rules. Hell yeah.

Friday, October 09, 2009

CD Review - The Len Price 3 - Pictures

So Hybrid Magazine's put up another one of my CD Reviews, and I thought I'd share it with you guys here. Frankly, the review probably undersells the CD, which is bloody brilliant. Of course, the full length CD doesn't hit the streets until January 10th, but whatev.

The Len Price 3
Wicked Cool Records

The Len Price 3 – “Pictures”

England’s Medway Delta region has long contributed a steady stream of excellent, yet under-appreciated, garage rock and power pop bands, going back at least as far as Billy Childish’s earliest works, through to the present day. A good number of these acts over the years, from Thee Milkshakes, through The Prisoners, to The Bresslaws, often go unnoticed beyond the area’s working class pubs or the occasional hard core garage rock aficionados. With the release of The Len Price 3’s latest full-length, “Pictures”, there is now yet another opportunity for the broader audience to move beyond the past and revel in the underground legend that is the Medway sound.

In line with their previous work, The Len Price 3 (in which there is no one in the band named Len Price, naturally), the band once again paints a masterful canvas using a palette of colors appropriated from freakbeat, mod, and traditional power pop song structures, and borrows somewhat liberally from the same type of working class lyrical ideas typical of Ray Davies. The sound is big and jagged, with boomy toms, crackly snares, alternately jangly or fuzzy Rickenbacker guitars, effective harmonies, and enough ferocity behind the pop fa├žade to hint at the frustration of one’s station, while never forgetting that rock and roll is still about fun.

The thirteen tracks that comprise “Pictures”’ clock in at barely more than 30 minutes, and most individual tracks are here and gone in under two and a half minutes. Within this idiom there is really no need for anything more. Get in, get out, quit fuckin’ about. The album’s opening eponymous track punches brightly with a meld of Mick Jones-spittled verses and a chorus that is very reminiscent of early Who, circa “Circles”, and provides a worth launching pad for the record. Additional highlights include “Keep Your Eyes On Me”, “Mr. Grey”, “Jack in the Green”, and the Daviesesque “If You Live Round Here”, the latter replete with cautions against pretentiousness and warnings to know your role:

You think you’re better than the population

Don’t get ideas so above your station

You’re gonna have to lump it, baby if you live round here

You say you’ve had an education

Round here, boy, that’s an affectation

You’re gonna have to lump it, baby if you live round here

“Pictures” is one of the more enjoyably buoyant and fresh-sounding pop albums to come out during this year. While much of the credit certainly goes to the boys in the band, a nod is due in the direction of Graham Day, one of the most enduring purveyors of the Medway sound from his founding of The Prisoners through today, and one of the producers of “Pictures”. In fact, much of the record bears his unmistakable hand. Other tracks on the album hearken back to the poppier side of bands such as The Easybeats or The Small Faces, particularly “Jack in the Green” and closer “The Great Omani”. As a whole, the record is a triumph.

As with many of their Medway contemporaries, The Len Price 3 do not seem to be interested in expanding the boundaries of popular music, or breaking any new ground. Rather, the band seems to be intent on simply making the most riveting and entertaining music they possibly can while remaining true to the very essence of their creation. To that end, “Pictures” meets the demands of that mission in spades. Perhaps this will be the record to break through to the masses that have heretofore missed out on one of the most vital subsets of rock and roll.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Something New Every Day

$3.30r Satellite to the Sunday Million

$3.30r Satellite to the Sunday Million

$3.30r Satellite to teh Sunday Mirrion!!!

Of course, here's the fun part. I can't play this weekend, I've got Rockies playoff tickets (well, depending on what happens in Games 2 and 3, and the weather, of course)

I want to play in this so bad. But a Sunday Mirrion buy in also represents 40% of my current Stars roll, which would be entirely irresponsible.

So I guess I'm looking for advice. Do I just take the $Ts? Or do I try to sell one time pieces of myself and play the Mirrion the first Sunday after the Rox are out of the playoffs, in order to reduce the massive variance? (Of course, I'm lifetime -8% ROI on Stars, but a positive ROI on Bodog, I do believe.) Looking for some advice and guidance here.

I think the worst possible choice would be to just suck it up and play the Mirrion on my micro roll. But winning these crapshoot Satellites is unlikely to happen again anytime soon.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Tick Tock, Tick Tock - It's PLAYOFF TIME!!!

ZOMG, only 2.5 hours before the Colorado Rockies open up the 2009 National League Division Series against the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies.

Man, the excitement here at work is palpable, and yeah, I'm wearing a purple and black checked oxford to work. Gots ta support my boys. That said, I'm feeling rather skeptical about our chances this year. In the end, everything's going to come down to a couple of factors. First, how well can the Rockies' starting pitching keep Rollins & Victorino off the basepaths. After all, both Rockies catchers pretty much suck this year at throwing out runners.

Second, which Phillies' starting pitchers will show up? The Cliff Lee who handcuffed the Rox during one of his first National League starts? Or the very ordinary Cliff Lee from the past month? The Cole Hamels who shut down the world last post-season, or the current seemingly very ordinary Hamels?

A lot of writers talk about how the Rockies are much better against righties than they are against lefties, and this would be true. That said, the Rockies are a .500 club against left-handed starting pitching, so no, they are not ZOMG horrible in this department. The key will be whether or not Atkins and Barmes can avoid the punchouts and get on base. They've both had rough seasons at the plate (even though Barmes does have a couple dozen dingers), and the Phillies bullpen is fairly weak. So going deep into ABs will be critical.

I'll post more later on this....

The Good Doctor Mondo continues to improve. I haven't written much lately on this, because...well, I just don't blog much these days. Two weeks ago, we moved her to a Long Term Acute Care (LTAC) hospital down here in Denver, mostly because her insurance company would no longer cover a normal hospital ICU unit. That said, she is in the LTAC's ICU, and will probably be in there for another week or two. But she continues to make small strides every day in her recovery. We're hoping we can move her to a rehabilitation hospital in the next month or so. But as of now, we're at Day 107 of her hospital ordeal. And frankly, it's really fucking lonely living in a big house by yourself.

Poker continues to be a lollercoaster for me. A week ago Sunday was about the worst day ever. Bubbled *three* consecutive Bodog $100k satellites by one seat. Played about 20 tournies with no cashes...and just ran really really really bad. The worst part was that I had decided that if I could have hung on for two of the seats, I would have actually played one of them.

Results were a bit better this past Sunday, so perhaps I've stopped the bleeding a bit.