Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Something New Every Day

$3.30r Satellite to the Sunday Million

$3.30r Satellite to the Sunday Million

$3.30r Satellite to teh Sunday Mirrion!!!

Of course, here's the fun part. I can't play this weekend, I've got Rockies playoff tickets (well, depending on what happens in Games 2 and 3, and the weather, of course)

I want to play in this so bad. But a Sunday Mirrion buy in also represents 40% of my current Stars roll, which would be entirely irresponsible.

So I guess I'm looking for advice. Do I just take the $Ts? Or do I try to sell one time pieces of myself and play the Mirrion the first Sunday after the Rox are out of the playoffs, in order to reduce the massive variance? (Of course, I'm lifetime -8% ROI on Stars, but a positive ROI on Bodog, I do believe.) Looking for some advice and guidance here.

I think the worst possible choice would be to just suck it up and play the Mirrion on my micro roll. But winning these crapshoot Satellites is unlikely to happen again anytime soon.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


smokkee said...

bank the T$, no brainer.

Tycou said...

Agree with smokkee, bank the T$

BWoP said...

Take the T$!!

Mondogarage said...

Thanks for the suggestions...$Ts bankarood. Maybe I'll get lucky and ship another seat. Which I'll bank, too, lol.

lightning36 said...

I was going to suggest that I play for you, but then I remembered that you want to INCREASE your bankroll. lol

OhCaptain said...

For me it would all depend on whether or not I really like the $3 I just spent and missed it and what I was doing on Sunday. $3 to play a tournament that big might be a fun way to spend the day. But T$ is kinda sweet too.