Wednesday, August 22, 2007

LOL Banaments

"Your account has been banned or locked.You are going to be unbanned in 7 hours, 9 minutes and 59 seconds.Ban reason: lol -aments "

2+2 is an awesome poker forum. You can learn an awful lot about MTT strategies, SNG strategies, cash game strategies, and you can also unnecessarily pour sand into the occasional moderator mangina in subforums that have nothing to do with poker at all. Woohoo!

As much as 2+2ers like to talk about this place being full of inanity, Pocket Fives has got nothing on 2+2's OOT forum for hypersensitivity crybabyish-ness.

I'll tell you what OOT needs -- a really good dose of this guy. Go get'em. I'm predicting lifetime ban after two posts...

When others have said it so much better...

I probably should have blogged about this a few days ago, but for whatever reason, have not done so.

If you've not heard by now, two men were arrested in Lakewood, Colorado (a Denver 'burb) for allegedly trying to kill a bar poker tour operator who stiffed one of them out of a $36,000 investment. If this is all news to you, I'll simply refer you here, here, or here for the basics.

And yes, feel free to make up your own Samuel L. Jackson references. I like "I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking poker tour!

I used to play this tour, on occasion, and even qualified for a couple of their quarterly finals, where the play was, truly, at the same level as a $1 turbo MTT on FTP. Anyway, the rumors of financial boondoggling had been trailing this company for some time. The Land Rover Discovery given to the tour's first "National Champion" was repossessed. Binion's cancelled their Vegas tournament, but the APT didn't tell the players until after they'd all flown to Vegas, and most of the money was never refunded (not a Binion's issue, since the tourney buy-ins would have been done in person -- I'm referring to trip money). Paychecks to dealers bounced. Prize checks bounced, even after prize pools were cut in half. Wow.

And here we are in Colorado trying to get casino limits expanded, trying to get HPT events approved by the Division of Gaming, etc. And yet, we can't even get these motherfucking snakes off these motherfucking poker tours. Ah yes, Colorado -- we are still the wild wild west.

In more mundane poker news, I managed to final table two online tournaments I played last Sunday, but went out 4th and 9th, and got three outed in my new favorite tournament (the $15k and $30k guarantee $3R's at Stars), when AK < AJ on a KJ8 board, thanks to the J on the river, to go home 39th of 2699 runners, instead of a huge payday. That said, I feel like I'm playing solid aggressive poker lately, and am ending up in the money more often than I have been in a while, around 20% of the time, between FT and PS. Still, I'm coming up short of that elusive big top 3 finish to really help the bankroll. But in most cases, it's been through variance, as opposed to bad plays. There was one all in raise with Q9c on a Q86 two club board that didn't hit on KK, however...

Anyway, as always, may all of you continue to make mad mobnies at the tables!