Saturday, October 04, 2008

Gosh Golly Joe, That's A Goot One!

Credit where credit's due -- Sarah Palin performed admirably on Thursday given the ridiculously low setting of the bar. I couldn't limbo under that bar, but even my 42-year-old bad knees ass could jump over it.

Still, the popcorn went to waste; there was no trainwreck on either side. Joe Biden's main task was not to be seen as bullying Palin, and to take on McCain instead. To that end, mission accomplished. Palin's task was to stop the heavy bleeding inflicted by big bad Katie Couric, and come across as someone who could at least form a couple of coherent sentences in a row. Again, to that end, mission accomplished.

Now, I think I can confidently predict that you've pretty much heard the last of Palin until the election. Now, she can go to her strengths of charming the private fundraisers (such as the one in Denver yesterday), and certainly a fair number of canned teleprompter-fed stump speeches. But she seems to have been able to either shed the tag of abject trainwreck (or at least cross through the bar code), and would seem to no longer be the top story.

The Good Doctor Mondo and I saw Religulous on opening night last night. Pretty fuckin' blasphemous to just about every one of the world's largest faiths, and pretty fuckin' funny, to boot.

The greatest documentary ever? Hardly, especially in a screening room where they didn't have the sound properly surrounded, and brought up the lights part way with ten minutes left. And towards the last few minutes, Bill Maher because less observational and more preachy, if you will (how ironic) that people should not be religious. Well, I'm not, so that's no big deal, but I think he risks losing a lot of points he may have earned during the first hour. Still, this was more entertaining than any of Michael Moore's works, from where I sit.

However, from the pre-Religulous previews, I'm really jazzed to go see Milk in a few weeks. Fantastic cast, and the preview looks extremely promising. I'd say awards-worthy season has just about started. But seriously, wtf is up with Josh Brolin again having two big roles in award-worthy flicks in back-to-back years? Did anyone really see that coming?

The Good Doctor Mondo's studying for her licensure exam this weekend, so if I'm really really lucky and a good lil' Mondo, I may just be able to get some online poker in the books.

HPT Main Event is going on, but yeah, I never did get up to one of the qualifiers. Time to man up next time.

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