Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Got Dammit, So Close

Two Bodog MTT final tables, 6th in each.

And 21st in the Full Tilt 50/50....gaaaaaa....check-shoved KQs into AK on a K high board. I was 9th in chips at the time, too. I should have folded to his pre-flop 3-bet, so it's really on me. His preflop raise screamed either AK or something like JJ-KK, which means on that flop, I'm really only ahead of 1/2 his range. I could have folded and still had 80k chips with blinds at something like 2k/4k with ante. In other words, plenty of play left. But nooooo, I had to let hubris get in the way.

I really need to fix this particular late stage leak of mine, where I come into a playable (but less than premium) hand, raise it up, and decide I'm going to go to the mat with this hand, inspite of action suggesting that to be a Very Bad Idea, especially when folding to the re-raise will not leave me cripped. Much like Putin over the Bering Strait, this leak reared it's ugly head both during the 50/50, and during the Stars $200k the day before.

Nice paydays all around today, but $260 is nowhere near $9k.

Most disappointing part is, I was 3rd in chips when the money bubble broke, and I think as high as 2nd with as few as 30 or so players left.

Also ran fairly deep in the Stars $3R, but went dead at a crucial time. Cashed in a couple others, as well. As far as consistency, and running well, I honestly think I'm in the best stretch of my online poker career, so to speak. I haven't won a ton of mobnies yet, but I'm making it fairly deep fairly often these days.

Maybe my problem is, I'm not really getting deep enough often enough? Well, one of my losses at Bodog final tables was to a 2 outer, so I can't complain there. I think the real problem in the 50/50 was, about 10 hands previous to my, I stole with the Hammer and showed. After nearly five hours of a tight image, I ruined it with blogger ego.

The best part of the 50/50 was how many times I was 3- or 4- bet all in preflop while I held AA. Four freakin' times, and they held every time. Once, the dude who 4-bet me all in was holding something like Q6o. I know to expect more moves in a $50 buy-in, but more stupid moves? LOL

I can't wait until I'm either regularly rolled for that tourney, or until life allows me to actually play those $14+1 sats more often. This time, I was only home in time for the satellite because I had to leave work early to take care of some cable tv business.

Oh well, someday. At least I finally have sorta-playable rolls on all three sites now, as long as I don't try to play too big (I'd satellited into the fiddy). Even while coming up a bit short just about every time, I've managed to multiply by overall roll by a factor of five in the last ten days or so.

Hoy was still in the top 10 when I crashed -- good luck, Hoy! (EDIT: Hoy went out 9th, nice final table, sorry we didn't get to reach our HU for chop.)

Oh, and Obama pwned tonight.

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