Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Quick Tuesday Pimpage

Like Al Bundy, just a quickie...

Tuesday night is not just Debate Night in America -- it's time for poker bloggers everywhere to put their Skillz on display. Once again, cemfrommd is hosting the Skillz game over at Full Tilt Poker, and the flavor of the day is doublestack Limit Hold'em with KO bounties. I'm thinking I might swing by for this one.

Otherwise you can find me playing online poker in a few of my usual events tonight, or at least trying to follow up last Tuesday's win in the JokerStars $3.30 Triple Shootout, and maybe a couple of MTTs over at Bodog.

With the debate, the temptation to either not play at all, or limit myself to two tabling, is fairly strong. Live blogging tonight will be sil

As for the debate itself, I'm not expecting much in terms of either fireworks or of anything that will fundamentally change the polling trends. As strong as McCain is said to be in town hall styles, he's got nothing left but mud-slinging, and this particular debate is not the forum where that is likely to be successful. If he's going to pull out victory next month, it's not going to be because of anything that happens tonight. Still, it will be worth watching just to see what types of questions made the cut for Brokaw.

Popcorn's on hand, just to be ready if needed, but I need beer.

Tomorrow night? Total Sonic Annihilation, more to come.

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