Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back to the Future

Boy Howdy, Mondo's got a new phone!

This actually *is* big news, at least to me. You see, I've been using the same cell phone for at least four years, some cheeseball old school flip phone, with no features, a cracked outer clear cover, old school 9-key pad making texting wayyyyy too much a pain in the ass to make it worthwhile, etc. The phone was not only a piece of utter shite, it wasn't bottom of the line free at the time I got it. How un-baller.

For the most part, I didn't care. I don't spend much time on the phone, and the only real texting I ever did of any significance was with CK during my run at the Caesar's Mega Stack last summer. But that event made me wish (for the first time) that I *could* join the texting generation. And I wished I could take photos of bands that I see, and actually be able to send them to myself to put them on this here blog. And I wished I could get stable reception in my own home. Yeah, I'm demanding like that -- I must want a lot.

Well, last night, we finally did it. The Good Doctor Mondo and I got our new fancy fones. Her needs are much greater than mine, so of course, she went with a Palm Treo. Good stuff. I, on the other hand, wanted something fun. The iPhone is out, given AT&T coverage maps in our area. I'd have to stab myself with plastic forks if I went with Verizon again. So Sprint was the answer, and the answer from Sprint was this:

Okay, okay, I did *not* get the purple, though the Good Doctor Mondo would have loved it if I had, as it's her favorite color. Hell, I might have, if Best Buy carried it. But that picture is the actual size of the form factor. Full QWERTY, 2 megapixel camera, and a large internal screen. In some ways, it's a lot like the Samsung Instinct, but with a real keyboard, and not a digital one. And the best part? I don't drop calls in my own living room.

Is it the most ballin' phone around? Not by a long shot. But it did only hit the street like two days ago, so yeah, for a week, I'll feel cool. At least, I'll actually be able to text without feeling like a putz. And yeah, look for photos of Widowers' Halloween show, and d.biddle's Day of the Dead show here next week...


Francis Luong (Franco) said...

Oooooh... Franco like!

lightning36 said...

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