Thursday, October 09, 2008

Unconfirmed (for now), Yet Perfect

Let me get this straight.

Sarah Palin scored an overall 841 on her SATs in 1982, when the average SAT scores for women in 1980, was 498 verbal and 483 math (overall = 981), and in 1984, the average was 498 verbal and 478 math (overall = 976).

I have no idea whether or not this image is real or not. If it is, this is gold.

No, clearly not all conservatives are dumb (nor would I allege otherwise), but your 2008 vice presidential candidate would, in fact, appear to be have been dumber than the average college-bound (or five-colleges-bound-including-a-couple-community-colleges) high school female senior. Furthermore, as a solid "C" student in Math, Social Studies, and Physical Sciences, we can see where she got her great background in economics, climate change, and foreign policy.

Okay, okay, so yes, this was a long time ago. Nobody is claiming you need to score 1600 on your SATs to be intellectually qualified to be president of the United States. You certainly don't have to be Stephen Hawking to hold high office. But really, shouldn't you at least be as smart as the average college-bound person? I mean, shouldn't the American populace want a president who is at least as intelligent (or even studious) as the average person, and not someone who appears to have been significantly below the average intelligence of a college-bound senior, with no other documented evidence later showing advancement beyond that stage.

Seriously, if her scores were much lower, she wouldn't even cross the threshold to play Division I athletics, and you know how much the NCAA has lowered those standards so that your top recruit football mook can suit up.

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