Sunday, May 04, 2008

Wanna Laugh Your Ass Off?

Go to a Margaret Cho show, thassall I'm saying.

Margaret Cho has long been one of my favorite comedians (same for the Good Doctor Mondo), but watching her last DVD release, Notorious, was really an exercise in frustration. Cho had pretty much left the comedy behind, and instead was heavily into what seemed like social preachiness. But not last night.

Her Denver tour stop was nothing short of hilarious. I never knew that Olivia-Newton John was considered the Dalai Lama of fag hags. I don't think we stopped laughing for any longer than it took to set up a joke. The difference in "feeling entertained" quotient between last night's show and our recent Lampanelli experience couldn't be more stark.

Really, unless you're to the right of shotgun-wielding Dickie Cheney, if Margaret Cho brings her "Beautiful" tour to your town, go. Just go. She's really re-affirmed her spot on the A-list of American standup comedy.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot -- this is still sort of a poker blog. Played a couple of tourneys yesterday, and did not do so well. I have to stop playing the FullTilt $10+1 90 players turbo SNGs. After taking down the first ever one I've played, I've now gone about 20 without so much as a cash. High variance, and my roll really isn't quite built for them.

The fun part was the $5.50 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo MTT that started with about 90 runners. I expected it to play a wee bit faster than it did, and at the 2nd break, I had to shut off my computer to head out for the Cho show. At the time, there were 18 players left, 9 payout spots, and I'm on a 7th place stack. I don't know how long the tourney ran, but probably some time during the opening act, I blinded off my final chips to 9th place. Getting paid without playing, yeah.

The moral of that story is I can make more money playing poker by...uh...not playing poker?

Finally, don't forget, Buddy Dank Radio is broadcasting live from the Borgata for the next three days. Check it out and listen here!

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