Friday, May 16, 2008

WPBT Summer Gatherings

Well, it appears the annual summer pilgrimage of poker bloggers to Vega$, otherwise known as the World Poker Blogger Tour, is going to be a somewhat fractured two-parter this year.

In 2008, lots of bloggers are playing lots of events, whether at the World Series of Poker, the Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza, or ever Binion's Classic. But we're not playing them all at the same time.


This year, it's pretty much an "unofficial" thingamabob. Unofficially, that's how I like to make my live entrance amongst you degenerates. Yeah, the Good Doctor Mondo and I are booked for Part One, so to speak.

Thanks to a fantabulous poker rate at MGM Grand, and some sketchy "Wanna Get Away" fares through Southwest, we'll be there from June 5-9. There's nothing I'd like to do more there than sling chips in the mixed game with the likes of some of my favorite

Other bloggers known to be out there the first weekend include:


Youse guys (and Gadzooks!) are folks I don't know, but look foward to mebbe meeting. Of course, there's the locals like Miami Don and Carmen, as well. Should be fun.

My own plans include some pool and Cirque du Soleil time with the Good Doctor Mondo, as well, but I'm hoping to hit a couple of the better structured $150 or so buy-in tourneys, because I microroll like that. Maybe the Orleans? The Venetian wrote me and let me know that even during the Deep Stack Extravaganza, they'll be running $180 buy in tournies at 8pm.

If things work out the way I'm hoping, I'll play the Venetian $180 8pm on Thursday, and the Orleans 7pm $120 on Friday, and see Ka on Saturday - with a trip to Ra for sushi and lots of MGM table time mixed in. That is, unless I mix in the Binion's Classic $200 Limit O8 tourney on Friday afternoon instead.

For two years, I've been wanting to make this trip, and this time, it's really happening. Booked and cooked.

As for you schmoes going out the following weekend, good luck in your WSOP events, have fun, and I'll have to wait until the Winter Gathering to stack you. Or something.

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$mokkee said...

definitely play the $180 Venetian 8pm tournament. The tournament has 30 min levels and they have auto-shufflers in their tournament tables. The Orleans does not and their tournament dealers are terrible. I wouldn't even bother with that shit hole.