Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Live Blogging Tuesday

Here we go again...

I'm in the Bodonkey, what do you know? I like giving up chips.

7:04pm - Starting table of myself, Lightning36, Donkette (the other Donkette), Newinnov, Mofo_69, Raisydaisy22, and CEMfromMD...

7:06pm - Also playing in both Daily Doubles, where my AQ held up against three others to go up 25% early. Raised 3.5pf, called smallish flop and turn bets, with flush and straight draws on the board. Probably a weak play, but no real reads yet.

7:10pm - Awesome. Out of Daily Double B. UTG raised to 60, I repopped to 215 from button with KK. Small blind called, UTG shoved all in (had me covered by a few). I put him on AK, or JJ-99, not AA there. Duh. He flips AA, and I'm done. No double cash for me...I sense lots of tilt tonight on my part. Awesome start.

7:17pm - InstantTragedy playing the role of Gigli tonight - at least it's not me, though I'm sure I'm the nightly stand-in.

7:30pm - Tough Skillz opening table - Kurokitty, Drizzdj, ScottMC, Astin, dwal, Shabazz Jenkins, and some randoms...

8:04pm - Near crippled at break. As usual, RaisyDaisy catches yet another river 3-outer, making AK <<<<< AJo. Down to 454 chips (29th of 29), but at least I'll be button-ish.

8:06pm - Soooooooooooo motherfucking awesome. Table chipleader in Bodog $10 $5k tries yet another steal from me, blind versus blind. I have A7, so fuck it, I shove, he calls with KJo, and naturally, turns a straight. This is less of a blog, and more of a fucking deathwatch blog, because I'm about to bust a cap in some fucking RNG programmer. Keep me away from Kanawahke, seriously.

8:16pm - Fuck Bodog, fo'real. 70/30 hand? Read that at 3/97, at best.

8:40pm - In an amazingly shocking stroke of luck, my AKo managed to win a 3-way versus QQ and AT in the Skillz game. Wow. Near the chiplead, and the one bounty I took was my first cash of any type today.

9:46pm - Picked up another bounty when A8 reshoved my AQ. 4th of 27, let's see what she says...

9:52pm - Out of the FTP $8.80 177 runner tourney, when my turned straight (slowplayed) let the stealer catch runner runner gutter on the river, gg me.

10:24pm - Out of the Skillz on an impossibly fucked up hand. Money went all in on the turn:

I really think I need to leave online poker for a bit. I've now dumped 1/4 of my bankroll since my win a couple weeks back, and while I've made the occasional bad play, most of my losses have been on such colossally fucked up hands like the one above.

The most motherfucking shiteating junk-diseased part of it is, it's almost always within one table of the money, unless it's in the first five hands. One or the other. I will serious start throwing shit at laptops soon. I'll be taking at least 4-5 days off poker completely, and possibly off this blog, as well. I've got to get away from online poker for a bit before I cause real damage to something.

12:26am - Almost forgot. I actually managed to pick up two extremely minor cashes, going out 9th in the $5 Limit O8, and go out 205th (216 pay in Midnight Madness, when some cocksucker who raised 75s from the button thinks instacalling calling my all in on a Q86 rainbow board (none of his suit) is an awesome idea. Of course, he hits his miracle 5 on the fucking river. As mcfucking usual. I see how he got his stack now. Call from behind every time and catch. To his credit, he's got a 5% ROI on the $3.30 90 player SNGs, but most of that was in two tournaments. Hell, as I typed that sentence, he's lost 90% of his stack by overplaying KJ, so fuck him, too. Most folks who luckbox into my chips lose them very shortly afterward, because they simply suck hind tit at poker. Of course, that doesn't stop me from dropping $100 in buyins tonight, only one time getting my chips in anywhere close to behind....

Yeah, I'm taking a few days off, so that I don't cockpunch the first person I see calling my raise in Vega$ next week with A8o, out of position.

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lightning36 said...

Sometimes this online poker just plain sucks. I'd rather play live any day of the week.