Sunday, May 25, 2008

An Addition to Ye Olde Blogroll

I recently received a comment from a newish blogger, whose blog I thought some of you might enjoy: Vortex of Hate

Don't let the name deceive you, this is just a good ol' fashioned poker blog, where author Mike Casalena track his progress and analyzes his play as he tries to move up from a small initial deposit, up to the future nosebleed levels.

As Mike writes, "I started this project on Stars with a mere $125. My first goal is to build my roll to $5000 without despositing any additional funds to help. With $5,000 I should be able to play $200 NL comfortably."

Well, Mike, I wish you luck, and lots of readers.

As for myself, I haven't played a lick of cards the entire weekend, other than taking down a short bar tourney on Friday while waiting for The Omens and Dario Rosa to play. I've got enough free Bowling Bucks in my car now, to fund my own league team. Maybe I should start spending them, I guess.

By now, I suspect these two are nearing rolling into Vegas for the summer. In two weeks, the Good Doctor Mondo and I will be there with them. Actually, we'll be at the MGM Grand, but you know what I mean.

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