Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why I (Finally) Hate Poker

Never mind crashing out of both bloggerments tonight, shit like that happens, and really, I didn't play too well in those (though I had a decent moment or two in the Skillz game).

But going out of both Daily Doubles while holding AA and raising them like a man preflop, to 88 and KQ?

Fuckity fuck fuck fuck. Going out by having AA and KK go down in consecutive hands, dropping from a top 50 stack to being 570th of 570?

Fuck Full Tilt. Seriously, fuck you. Fuck you for borrowing Absolute Fraud's superuser anti random number generator doomswitch. It doesn't matter which site, it's all of you. Really. Bodog's changed their tourney schedule to something which really doesn't suit me these days (what happened to your 8:30pm 18+2?)

Ultimately, last night was one of my 2-3 worst bankroll nights ever online, if not the worst. Easily dumped nearly 20% of my bankroll. And the best part of it is, nearly all of it was attributable to losing 80/20 after 80/20 after 70/30 after 80/20. If you're on a draw no matter how thin, you need to call my raises. If you have any pocket pair, no matter how small, you need to call my pot-size bets heads up. You're giving away free money if you don't.

I must have played 15 or so tournaments last night, everything daily doubles, to $30 Bodogs, to token frenzys of different levels, even to limit Omaha. It didn't matter which tournament. Group one hands losing to A8 (but it was soooted), high pocket pairs losing to mid soooted connectors, AK down to A3, yada yada yada the list goes on and on. I think I must have lost in every possible 70% or better situation.

And yet the only ITM finish at all was in a JokerStars WSOP Round 1 freeroll, where I won a freeroll seat into their weekly finals. Yeah, fucking ironic.

It seems there's been a rash of bloggers getting pounded lately by having what seems to be every one of their strongest hands getting kicked in the balls time and again. Maybe this means I've arrived as a blogger, who knows? Naw, more likely it just makes me a whiner, but that's why there's a Blogger.com.

Yup, that about sums it up. FYFT.

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