Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Semi-Live Blogging, Part Deux

Bodonkey starting table: Lightning36, KJTech, CEMfromMD, Mofo_69, oossuu74, ChayseTilton, and I got the button. My undisclosed PP holds up, and off we go....

7:09pm - Wow, ScottMc's already out. That might just set a record, given how slow the early eliminations usually are in this thing. Down to 39. Lightish turnout tonight.

8:06pm - At first break, we're down to 30 in Bodonkey. No one has dropped from Skillz yet. Having zero momentum in my other tournies, and hanging around starting stack in Bodonkey.

8:33pm - Crippled in the Bodonkey. ChayseTilton's been stealing from me all night, so when he shoved my 3.5 BB raise from a smallish stack, I felt my AQs was good. His 66 held, and I'm down to under 1,000 chips, and an M of about 4.5, and still 27 players left.

8:37pm - Doubled up when Lightning36 put me on a button steal. My AQo held against his J4 (he had a massive stack and was in BB).

8:45 - Out in 24th. So fucking gross. KK on the button. Smokkee raised under the gun to 600 (blinds 100/200), Lightning36 raises to 1620 (I have 1725). Obviously, I shove, but have no fold equity, so Lightning36 calls with TT. InstantTragedy says he folded a ten. Case ten on the flop. Soooo fucking gross, but whatcha gonna do. Five weeks left, and I'm pretty much out of it, I think. But Lightning36 is a very good player, and my pick to take it down tonight.

11:02pm - Well, I'm long out of everything else, but I'm actually sitting at the Skillz Razz final table, with Fuel, VinNay, Loretta8, cemfredmd, JDSchellnut, and NY Rambler. 3rd of 7 right now, and having a blast. Even got Waffles' bounty when I committed myself while behind, and he bricked runner runner boat. I felt a bit bad, but I relish it a bit more when I snag a bounty of someone who's play I respect, and Waffles can razz it up, for sure.

11:18pm - Out 4th in Skillz Razz. Fuck me. Crippled when JD caught 8762A to beat my 8763A, and then I staggered to nothingness. Fuck me, and fuck my chances at any kind of main event seat this year. Actually made a few $$$ tonight though (final tabled a $10+1 90 turbo SNG), and even collected Fuel's bounty. In some ways, a plus night, but fuck it, I wanted a TOC seat.


Fuel55 said...

Dont we all.

lightning36 said...

On the original double-up, I figured that I was behind, but with J-4 sooted I guessed that I had two live cards -- and the price wasn't much. Hated to double a dangerous guy like you, though.

On your last hand, I figured that Smokkee would fold and I would take down the pot ... or at worst, have a 50/50% with someone with a strong Ace. Wasn't expecting to be crushed.

Tough break on the case 10. I usually get smacked on suckouts and rarely ever seem to benefit from them. Looks like Bodog owes you a big one now.

Disappointing 7th place for me. IT had Presto to beat my suited Ace at the end.

See ya at The Mookie and Riverchasers.