Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Lights

Played a wee bit of poker this weekend. Was kinda cute to be playing a mid-afternoon peep token frenzy and having this guy randomly show up on your left.

We both scored peep tokens, even if I did steal his blind at least once.

Otherwise, had pretty much a losing weekend, mostly attributable to me taking a shot at a $44 Bodog tourney with a smallish field, where I could never get any cards at all except for AA twice where noone called standard-size preflop raises. As a result, my overall roll's back to where it was before my slight early successes last week.

I'm leaning heavily towards going to the Boss Martians show tomorrow night in lieu of playing the Bodonkey. If that doesn't cement me not making the Top 18, I don't know what else will, but it seems silly to me to miss one of my favorite bands, whom I haven't seen in two years, just for a shot to possibly get enough points to get me a wee bit closer to the Top 18. The only way I would eventually not regret missing the show if if I ultimately a) make the final tournament, and b) score a prize in that tournament.

The way I run, I'd probably score just enough points tomorrow to ensure that after week 18, I'm one point out of 18th. And then I'd be on tilt for missing the BMs. In fact, the Good Doctor Mondo's given me a nickname - "Almost". For almost making final tables, for almost winning, etc. It is surprising how I'm able to consistently cash around 20% of events, and never flat out win (all my 1st places except two are in token runs, where there is no flat out 1st). Lots of 4ths, 6ths, 8ths, etc. lately.

Anyway, that's not a complaint -- just an indicator of my mental state going into this decision, which tells me I'll almost make the top 18, and "almost" is not enough to get me to miss a band I'd love to see.

Oh yeah, we did do one other really fun thing this weekend. The Good Doctor Mondo and I live near several prarie dog colonies. She's always had a thing for the lil' vermin. I, on the other hand, give her a rash of "they're plague carrying pests!", but mostly in jest, because the lil' critters are so damn cute.

Anyway, after watching "Underdog: A Prarie Story" on big screen high def three times over the last few days, we decided to take our Sunday coffees, binoculars, and a couple of lounge chairs out to spectate for a while. Good thing, too, because they all have new babies, and there was lots of activity in dog town. I highly recommend the documentary. If you have high def cable, it's on the High Definition Theater channel. Look for it.