Wednesday, May 07, 2008

No TOC Seat, But Plenty of Hoy-Hater Points

I think I unintentionally earned a pantload of Hoy-hater points last night.

I completely forgot about this, until Hoyazo blogged about his unceremonious exit from the Skillz game.

"My personal highlight of the night was my elimination hand, when I was showing an Ace on 3rd street, bet and got called by an 8. Then I was dealt a 4 for an A4 showing, and the 8 was dealt a 7 for a 78 showing. So whem my A4 ass bet out, Mr. Dinkhead of course instacalled again. You know, because his 87 low has to be ahead of my A4-showing low. Well by that point I was very close to allin so I just put in the rest when I paired one of my low cards on 5th street, and fast forward 20 seconds later and there I am making a full house and losing to some 9 or 10-low hand.

Amazingly, that guy did not go on to win the razz event last night. I was shocked. But JD Schellnut did go on to nab his BBT3 Tournament of Champions seat, joining the likes of me and others who have won their way in via the Skills Series set of limit non-holdem events. Congratulations to JD for what I'm sure was a fine performance to outlast that field of donkeys in of all things a blogger razz event."

First off, I congratulate JDSchellnut for his win -- he played outstanding Razz. I like to think that if our hand early in 4-handed (where either his 8762A beat my 8763A, our his 7652A beat my 7653A, I forget the top 3 cards, but we had the same top 3) had gone the other way, I might have my TOC seat.

Hoy, meet Mr. Dinkhead.

If my memory serves, as "Mr. Dinkhead", I will only say that when you saw my 87 showing, you didn't get to see the hidden (A2) that went with it. Given your stack, and your penchant for aggressiveness, I knew you were pretty much completing or raising any (xx)A in that spot. I had every reason to think that if I wasn't already ahead, my draw was certainly worth sticking around a hand you were already committed to.

Mostly, I'd like to congratulate the entire field for surviving the first hour. Even in Razz, I've never seen anything like that in a bloggerment. That was cool.


SirFWALGMan said...

A278 isn't a good hand. You get in a lot because of peoples "Penchants" for aggression.. except all three times you said that you were behind. I won't say you did not play a good game I think you did but this whole penchants call thing seems like a leak. Of course you won all of those hands so who the fuck knows. Go play Queen doors like Jordon. haha. Good job last night!! I am certainly not hating on you.

Mondogarage said...

I don't think it's a "good" hand, and actually, I didn't necessarily think I was actually ahead at that time.

My thought process (rightly or wrongly) was as follows:

a) I'm probably ahead at that point maybe 40-50% of the time (yes, I attribute that to Hoy's 3rs street range, given his aggression);

b) If I'm not ahead, given the lack of 3s through 6s showing, my hand has a good chance of improving and getting ahead; and,

c) Given our remaining stacks after the 4th street call, I wasn't going to lose much on that hand, even if I had to fold 5th. I would have no worse than a mid-level chipstack.

Again, I'm not certain that's a "correct" thought process, but from 5th street on, I was actually ahead.

If stack sizes are different going into that hand, I think I play it much differently. Sometimes, knowing how other people play can actually get you in trouble, ya know? In this case, I got lucky, but I don't think the play was bad in that particular spot, even if it was less than optimal.

Similar to our hand, truth is, Hoy and I both bricked 5th, 6th, and 7th, but he bricked with pairs, and I bricked with high cards. I know we've both been on the other end of that scenario.

Fuel55 said...

If you think JD played well then you need to read a book on razz.

Anonymous said...

Yo Soy Mr. Dinkhead. I don't have the HH here at work but I think Hoy's analysis of the hand was incorrect. I don't claim to know WTF I am doing with Razz anyway.

BamBam said...

mondo, RAZZ is what it is and me going out on the bubble on 7th. street is a hell of a lot tougher than this particular hand IMHO.

It was good to see you on the "tables" again and congrats on a deep run in a tough game.

HighOnPoker said...

Mondo, your analysis is correct. If your exposure was limited (i.e, he was a shortstack and you had him well covered), then your play makes perfect sense. Hoy is just all sour grapes on this hand.