Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blog Your Way to the Main Event!

This is some really well and truly cool news. It ain't for me, because I'm a complete and total hack with zero imagination (and an even smaller vocabulary), but thanks to the great Sir AlCan'tHang, and the folks over at Full Tilt (yes, I still despise your not-so-random-RNG, but you toss great prizes to bloggers), you have the rare opportunity to write your way into a job blogging the World Series of Poker Main Event for Full Tilt.

From Full Tilt's website:

Do you want to experience the glitz, glamour and excitement of the WSOP Main Event the way the pros do? Then here’s your chance to hang with the biggest names in tournament poker reporting as Full Tilt Poker’s “Blogger on the Rail” at the world’s biggest poker tournament.

Our last Battle of the Bloggers writing contest, Write Your Way to Australia, was a huge success and generated some tremendous blog posts. This time around, we’ve raised the stakes. The winner of the Write Your Way to the 2008 WSOP will earn a fantastic prize package, including:

Round-trip airfare to Las Vegas
Accommodation for July 9th to the 16th
$1,000 cash spending money
Your daily coverage posted exclusively on Poker From The Rail
All you’ve got to do is come up with two fictional blog entries about “what happened at the 2008 WSOP” and post them on your blog. The first post should showcase your ability to provide journalistic coverage for the biggest poker event in the world. The second post should show off your storytelling abilities by providing an entertaining account of something that happened in Vegas during the WSOP, about your “winning experience,” your first days as a big winner, etc. Again, this is all fiction - have fun with it.

There’s only one requirement for your posts, and the rest is up to you. Each post must contain the following links:

“WSOP” linking to:
Example: WSOP
“poker” linking to:
Example: poker
Once you’ve written your posts, here’s all you need to do:

Enter your Full Tilt Username and the URL for one post in the form at the bottom of the screen – you will need to complete this process for each entry
Ensure that all information is correct and complete
Click Submit

For details, just go here. Hell, I may even give it a go myself, if I feel the muse, but one of the test posts is supposed to be a fictional story (as opposed to fictional table coverage).

In fact, I'll put my money right on this guy, who may be the funniest blogger evah.

Oh yeah, tonight is Riverchasers. With the Good Doctor Mondo out of town, I'll get my first online Riverchasers taste ever tonight. If I'm home from work on time, that is.

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