Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday On My Mind

No poker the last couple of days, and none today.

Tomorrow's another bar poker end of season championship, and I'm qualified, but about 98% certain I'm just going to skip it. I mean, why spend a beautiful Saturday tilting yourself to some asshat who's going to call two all-ins with 93 sooooted, magically flop two pair (crushing QQ and AK), and then talk about how good a play it is?

Bought tickets to Matt Holliday bobblehead day last night. Can't wait. Thing is, Big Daddy's noggin is so frickin' huge, the only way to make it work on a bobblehead is to make it life-size. I may not be able to fit the bobblehead in my car after the game.

Looks like I'm going to see my newborn niece in a few weeks. Cool thing...while checking out possible travel arrangements, I found out this place is only nine miles from where I'll be staying. I may have to make a stop in at some point (though that seems unlikely, given I'm there to see the fam).

Sitting on the fence with regard to next week's Tuesday bloggerments. I can *really* use the points, but one of my favorite bands is starting their US tour and will be in Denver on Tuesday. You've never heard of them, but it's their music at the end of all those neato eTrade baby commercials, and I know you've seen those. Anyway, their new record is out in a couple of weeks, what I've heard is amazing, and I haven't seen them live in two years, so we'll see.

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