Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bodog Main Event Satellites

Bodog's starting to run a series of satellites to a final Main Event qualifier. The best part is, it's only five PPs to enter each one. They're running four times a day, once every six hours. Each one awards seats in the final to the top 25 players.

So far, I've played two, each with something like 1900-2000 runners. And so far, I've finished 53rd and...yup, tonight...28th. So sick, but it's my own fault for earlier on misclicking a call of 5,000k with 82o. That 5k may have been the fold equity I needed (when I went out, I was actually about 20th in chips).

Anyway, if you play at Bodog, it behooves to you jump into a couple of these things. They are soft, and cheap. If you qualify, the final details follow:

Final Tournament
The Final Tournament, the "WSOP* Seat Giveaway Finale", will be hosted on Saturday, June 7th at 5:05pm ET. If every qualifier decides to participate, this tournament will have a maximum of 3100 entries. Since players need to qualify their way into this tournament, there will be $0 + $0 buy-in.

The first place finisher of this "WSOP* Seat Giveaway Finale" will win the grand prize of a $12,000 Main Event Prize Package as a member of Team Bodog in the 2008 WSOP. Additional prizing will be distributed as such: 2nd to 5th win T$270 in order to buy-into a "Main Event Semifinal" and 6th to 10th will win T$109 in order to buy-into Bodog's $100,000 Guaranteed Tournament.

2008 WSOP* Seat Giveaway Freeroll Tournament Terms and Conditions

WSOP* Seat Giveaway Finale
Date: Saturday, June 7th
Time: 5:05pm ET
Players: 3100 max (25 players per Qualifier X 4 Qualifiers per Day X 31 Days)
Buy-In: Freeroll – Top 25 players in each WSOP* Seat Giveaway Qualifier will be invited to play in this finale

1st- $12,000 WSOP Prize Package to be part of Team Bodog

2nd to 5th- T$270 in order to buy into a Main Event Semifinal
6th to 10th- T$109 in order to buy into the $100K Semifinal

Really, I can't find a better free way to win a chance at a main event seat. Now, if I can just finish a wee bit higher in the qualifier...

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