Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Breaking the Seal

Open shoved or 3-bet into AA six bloody times last night.

Oh yeah, also auto-folded AA on the button when I ran to take a piss. (Had been raised in mid position, too, aaargh).

Terrible terrible night overall. I'm a donk. Min-cashed in one of the Daily Doubles, but aggro donkish play on my part near the bubble cost me cashes in the Bodog $5R (which I was in to for three rebuys and add-on), and the $6k guarantee.

Came back from having until around 91 chips (from starting stack of 1,500) in a PokerStars HORSE tourney to having nearly 5k, only go again go totally aggro donk on the 3rd round of Razz. My only saving grace there was that it was only a $1.10 MTT.

Ended the night with a very bad attitude, to where the Good Doctor Mondo told me to leave the room and call her when I was in a better mood. Fortunately, airings of Escape from Planet of the Apes and Matrix Reloaded did the trick, those damn dirty pokerapes.

So the downswing continues. On the other hand, I've been doing a better job of reading good spots to open shove with short stacks, and managed to pick up several pots by cowboy-ing up with ATC, so the night wasn't a total loss.

Rehearsal tonight, no poker for the next couple of days...

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