Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday Recap

Ended up final tabling two tourneys last night. In one, I couldn't win a race against chipleader, after previously making a marginal fold to a bluff by the same player (folded AQdd on a rainbow ten-high board when chipleader shoved, and he showed KJhh. Nice bet, sir. He'd raised to 12k preflop, I repopped it from the button to 40k and he smooth called and shoved the flop. I was new to his table and hadn't seen how often he was bluffing, and didn't have the read to call in that spot.

In retrospect, I probably could have called correctly. The only hand that really worried me was AK, because I wasn't sure he'd 4-bet that preflop, but AK probably doesn't shove there -- and the board was so raggy that the only way he connects there is if he flops a set, and he's not open shoving that flop with a set, most likely.

Anyway, I ended up 3-bet shoving AQo from the big blind around 5-6 hands into final table, and the same player called with 88, and I got no help.

The one kinda cool part of this tourney is one point, down to about 100 players or so, there were four of us playing at one table, and all chatting it up pretty freely. Well, that table eventually broke, but three of that four ended up at final table (and the 4th person ended up going out 10th). I don't think I'd ever been part of something like that where some of us playing at the same table long before final table all ended up getting there.

Oh yea, the other final table -- that was another $3 turbo double shootout for a seat in Full Tilt's $750k. The seat's worth $216. Only 4 spots pay in these $3 turbo double gets the seat, the others get from $4-13 in leftover prizes. I went out 3rd when I got 3-outed on the river.

Ordinarily, I might tilt like a mofo, cashing for $8 two spots away from $216 (I would have taken the $Ts, as $216 would raise my roll instantly by 60% on that site at this time....). But as I mentioned last night, I truly was untiltable, and wasn't even bothered. Maybe because I only got that far by catching two-outers twice at my first table to go from short stack to dominant leader....

I still ended up down on the night, because in my normal Bodog poker events, I couldn't catch a break. On the few times I hit flops, I got 2-, 3-, and 4- outed repeatedly, and lost 2x as much in tourney buy-ins as I made at the JokerStars final table. Oh well. I'll get them back next week.

And the Good Doctor Mondo's luggage finally arrived, all intact! What do you know, good things DO happen to good people.


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