Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hot (or Not) Blogger Action

Not much time for blogging these days, as we're in full trial prep mode on a case that's been going on since 2004...or a full year before I even joined the firm. The long haul is almost over (fingers crossed), but 95% of the work comes during the last 5% of time. There's witness binders, exhibit indexes, exhibits, demonstratives, about a million little things, and trial doesn't start for another five weeks.

Anyway, it's a piss-poor excuse, but since I often blog during my lunch hour, and I now work during my lunch hour...oh well. I'm hopeful that some very recent developments may put settlement back on the horizon, as I'm most definitely not looking forward to spending five weeks in Toledo, Ohio. Toledo sucks. Hard. (If you're from Toledo and reading this, I'm sorry. Not for the comment, but sorry you live in Toledo...)

That hasn't completely stopped me from online poker, however. Managed to get in a few hours on Sunday, after I spent most of the day coding documents. Donking it up wasn't the smartest thing to do, relationship-wise, and I am actually sorry I did now. It wasn't really fair to the Good Doctor, but after having worked about 15 hours over the 4th of July weekend, I wanted a reward...we were just thinking different rewards, is all, and I feel a bit bad I chose the way I did.

That said, it was a pretty damn good night at the tables. Made two final tables (one at FTP, one at Bodog), picked up about 12-15 bounties in a KO, cashed in the $32k, and cashed in four of nine events overall (including the two finals). It could have been a lot better, as I came into one of the final tables 3rd in chips, and went out 5th, and came into the other 3rd, and went out 8th. However, in that tourney (the $3.30 KO MTT), I was a card rack for two hours, and utterly card dead once the final table started. Shoved A6 into AK, oh well.

But overall, very nice. I'm still burned up over the Stars $3R, where I nursed a shortish stack for 90 minutes, and then built up, only to go out when AQ < 87sooted, when runner runner 78 turn/river cracked my top pair flop. I'd shoved AIPF from cutoff with about 10BB. That would have given me average stack about 400 from cash (3600 entered). Why a slightly above avg stack calls off all their chips with 87 soooted in that spot is beyond me, but I didn't mind it after the flop...such is life.

Anyway, I did manage to add to the roll a wee bit...could have been so much better, but a good night nonetheless...except for the toll of hurting the Good Doctor Mondo's feelings. For that, I am truly sorry.

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