Friday, July 11, 2008

Why Do Hookers Love the 2008 Main Event?

....perhaps more than any other year?

That's easy. The Blogfather's made it to the mobnies. Yup, everyone's favorite poker midget widget rode his short stack to the cash, and he's still riding it hard. Hookers in the IP Geisha Bar are already lining up to buy second homes. By Saturday, at least one or two will be at the Maserati dealership.

Going into Day 4, Iggy's still on a shortish but growing stack, but would he really want it any different? Anyway, he's still got plenty of play left, and a great story is brewing. Go go go, Iggy, go go go!

Jamal, whom I mentioned yesterday, is also still alive, and with 201,000 chips, he's actually in fairly decent shape. Considering he's completely free-rolling the Main Event, it's all gravy. Oddly enough, his chip count wasn't even listed at the end of play last night, but then, no one knows him. They will soon -- Jamal's a great ambassador for Blackhawk poker, even if the $5 max betting limit pretty much pisses away all the goodwill.... Go go go, Jamal, go go go!

In other news, I had my informal hang with The New Ben Franklins last night, and we're getting together to jam on Saturday. Got a real good vibe about the guys, and we seem to have common ground, musically and otherwise. High hopes for this bunch -- they made some interesting music back in the day, and I would like to be part of their re-entry into the Denver music scene. However, the proof is in being able to actually play *together*, so much more to be learned tomorrow.

UPDATE: Sad to say, Iggy's out -- fought hard, and I think he even moved up one payout slot. But it's early in the day, so the Spearmint Rhino's getting ready for his grand entrance. Jamal, on the other hand, had nearly doubled up today, and was firmly in mid-pack, but took a hit and is now short (250k) with 363 remaining...

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