Friday, July 04, 2008

Alpha Beta Bodog's Great-a

Thanks to the software junkies over at my favorite site to play poker online!

Bodog Poker is happy to announce to poker players everywhere the most secure and enjoyable online gaming experience possible with the release of their new and improved, resizable beta client for public testing.

This newest version features full screen mode, resizable tables, embedded chat and game details and on-demand player tools. Download the Bodog Poker Beta for Free.

With every update, each beta version of the Bodog Poker client can be run independently, giving players the ability to choose between the established and beta clients during each session. That means you can try the beta client risk-free!

These new features are just another step in Bodog's on-going online poker evolution. Players can look forward to much more in the future.

Here’s what the Bodog poker player gets with the new and improved beta version:

* full screen mode
* RESIZEABLE WINDOWS! (that's huge)
* embedded chat and game details
* on demand player tools - chat game details, stats, notes, profiles, tournament details

Anyway, if you like to play poker online as much as I do, you owe it to yourself to give Bodog's new beta-client a try.

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JD Schellnutt said...

I like the beta version also as you can detach the chat/tournament progress/and payout windows and leave them open beside or underneath the table. The one thing they really need to fix is being able to see what place you are in and how many chips everyone else still in tourney has left in one easy step. GLGL>