Thursday, July 10, 2008

Go Go Go!!!

Go, to you, Iggy -- pump those lil' legs deep into the mad poker mobnies!

And go, to you, Jamal -- represent the Colorado mountain casinos well. Jamal, the ultimate lucksack, who wins his main event buy-in via a drawing at the Gilpin, and who's already won one bad beat jackpot worth near $100k this year. You're a damn good player nonetheless, and every donk here in the Rockies is railing you. Take it down. Preferably HU versus Iggy.

Maybe Phil Hellmuth will shave his scalp again. Or better, yet, clean up the cheaters at Ultimate Fraud.

Now that would blow ESPN's mind, eh?

Iggy's at about 85k, and Jamal's at 152k.

No news on the poker front for me any time soon.

Meeting a dude about a band tonight. If I don't get river three-outed by cruel band fate, I may have just finally found my next project -- a reforming band that was a pretty cool part of Denver's scene back in the 90s, and a sort of blend of britpop and alt-country. Cool.

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Johnny Hughes, author of Texas Poker Wisdom, a novel said...

Iggy is proving the Law of Karma. He has taken $200 and already has it up to $25,000 of God's good green money. Hooray for Iggy. A lot of fine folks are pulling for him.

Johnny Hughes