Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Please, Sir, Can I Have Some More?

Kicks in the balls, that is. Gack.

Bodog $30+3, down to about 28, with 18 paid, and I'm a bit under average stack, probably around 16th-20th in chips. Folds to me in small blind, raise up the A9hh...flop 863, with two hearts. Bet 2/3rds of pot. Big blind re-raises enough to put me all in, calling off 3/4 of his stack in the process (he had me covered by a bit). Folding here leaves me an M of about 3.5, so I call. He flips up T4hh. Really? Really?? Shove the ten high flush draw? Flat call a 2.5x preflop raise with T4hh?

Obviously, he hits the 4 of spades on the river to knock me out with the well known SPSK hand. (aka "Shit pair, shitkicker" for those who live too close to the Red River)

I well and truly hope that fucker's name was Oliver, because he plays poker like a shit-eating prat.

Of course, I could have shoved PF, but 1) every time I shove a mid sooted ace preflop the BB nearly always wakes up to AA, KK, or AK...2) existing solely on a "shove or fold"...ahem..."strategy" is weak ass shit...and 3) what the fuck is wrong with being able to outplay someone post-flop?

Still, it's obvious that more and more players are moving over fro JokerStars to play poker at Bodog. How can I tell? Because the quality of play at my usual Bodog MTTs has gone way downhill the last few weeks, and you see plays at $30 and $50 buy-ins that would look just as fishy in a $1.10 SNG.

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