Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All Quiet on the Blogging Front

Very quiet times, indeed, at least on this lil' page. I suppose I could be writing more, but then, I haven't done anything lately even close to what this luckbox has been scoring. (way to go, btw!). I also haven't quit my job like this donkshover did this week.

Somehow, I believe both of them are sitting in very +EV spots right now.

Anyway, I've only played in one poker event since last Tuesday, and there was absolutely nothing at all worth mentioning on that. I called too many pf raises out of position with small pocket pairs, having forgotten to turn on my setmining boomswitch, and shoved A2 soooted into A9 soooted shortly after first break, when I was already at 1/2 average stack.

Oh yeah, it appears as if I have finally found a new musical outlet. Well, not new, but new to me. They've been playing around Denver on and off for about ten years or so. The outfit's called New Ben Franklins, and it's basically whatever musicians Dave DeVoe puts together for a stretch. After a couple of loose jam rehearsals on some old NBF's material, it seems as if Dave and I are natural musical matches. We also have a drummer who looks to stick; maybe we'll be able to start playing shows in a couple months, but that means less pokering, for certain.

I would describe the New Ben Franklins as some sort of mashup of alt-country with occasional big britpop/shoegaze sensibilities, in terms of things such as effects and phrasing. If you're so inclined, you can check out some earlier recordings here (in particular "Braids" and "Gonna Be Alright", as examples of the weird melding of styles)

Anyway, tonight is Tuesday, which means it is my one real online poker night of the week. No doubt I'll be in the usual Bodog events tonight ($10+1, $20+2, $30+3, $5R), and likely a couple others. I'm going to start sitting out the PLO and Limit O8 events I've been playing at Full Tilt, simply because I'm running so bad in those for the last two months, it feels like I've giving money away.

Maybe I'll live blog if I get bored, or if my beloved Rockies tilt me into turning off the telly tonight. In the meantime, I'm pulling for a trade for Justin Duchscherer, we'll see if it happens or not.

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