Friday, August 01, 2008

How Waffles Spends His Weekends?

Okay, I couldn't be bothered to look for something more WOW-worthy. Interesting call on the end of Mondays at the Hoy.

I call it's Hoy's AHOY!

As in, out to sea, so to speak. Miniscule fields combinded with lingering resentment, bring a rather unceremonious end to a bloggerment.

The Good Doctor Mondo's out of town for a few days. But before all you sharks think I'm ready to donate for the next 72 hours, there may not be much poker for me, at least not until Sunday, maybe.


The 8th Annual Denver Post Underground Music Showcase - the biggest and best ever, with over 100 bands, some comedy (sometimes one is the other), all on a few block stretch of Broadway in Denver.

Some of my favoite local bands are playing this year. As usual, I'm not in a band ready for it. However, I was thrilled to be on the invited citizens voting panel once again.

Beyond that, I'm looking foward to finally getting to see The Magic Mice, and Hawks of Paradise -- one brand new, the other not so, but both really grasping for and reaching pretty authentic 6Ts inspired psych pop sounds. Both bands I wish upon my last breath I were playing bass in, but that's another story. I've been wanting to see The Magic Mice for about a year, it's just never worked out that way. That finally changes tomorrow.

Sunday? It's back to poker, to get kicked in the junk once again, no doubt. Waffles, if you have a humanistic bone in yer body, please roll me a 20, k thx.

Whether you're donking it up online, or chasing the $250k bad beat at the Lodge, or checking out some of the finest tunes Denver has to offer, have a great weekend.


lj said...

sounds fun, enjoy the festival!

lightning36 said...

For being a bright guy, Hoy just does't get it.