Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Naturally, Tuesday Means Live Blogging

7:06pm - NYRambler's donkeyshove rebuy tourney. Get AA and KK in the first few hands, both hold, up 7x starting stack.

7:23pm - As is typical in Bodog's $10+1 $5k guarantee. Yeah, AA, raise PF, K high two spade flop (I have A spades), I bet pot, BB reships, I say "if you flopped a set gg", he shows Q high flush draw, and flush hits. Naturally. Run good >>>> play good every time.

7:26pm - QQ < AJo in Bodog $16.50 SNG, when four flushed on river. Naturally. Whatever Smokkee said about these...well, just don't be results oriented, and you won't tilt so bad.

8:03pm - Naturally. KK goes down to AA in the $28k guarantee on Tilt. On the 2nd motherfucking hand. Naturally. So much for that token.

8:05pm - NYRambler's tourney - 1 of 7 left at break. Would you believe 106 rebuys in a 9 player tourney?!?!?! I'm only in for $4, believe it or not. I can really use the $121 first prize in this.

9:07pm - 2nd break in the Rambler, heads up with CheckinMyAA, and looking at the current chiplead. I've finished 2nd twice in my 3 Rambler's, and would like to move up one spot this time. 1 time plz.

9:09 - Sitting 60th of about 180 in the $26 $4k HORSE tourney. After my $28k debacle, I thought I'd donk my other token in a tourney where I couldn't go out in 2 hands. Got abused in the early LHE, but picked up nice chips in Razz and Stud, oddly enough.

9:15pm - Huge hand in the Bodog $5 rebuy. Rivered A high flush paid off my rivered straight flush. I bet the turn on my pair, with straight and flush draws and was called. So when I smallish bet the river, I got raised. Minraised back, and he shoved. The call was easy, really, even though it was only 2nd nuts, with higher straight flush possible.

9:21pm - 53 of 171 on 1st break of $4k HORSE. Only 24 pay, so I can use chips, but I'm healthy.

9:23pm - Went out bridesmaid (again) in the NYRambler. Got outplayed on one hand where my flopped top pair went down to turned trips, which made me short. Ended up calling a shove with two live. Flopped pair, turned trips, and lost to flush on river. Nicely played all around, though, and the BR help is welcomed.

9:32pm - Down to 109 of 151 on HORSE - that last Omaha 8 level was brutal.

9:46pm - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand out of the HORSE, after playing total donkeyfuckeraggro in Razz, and eventually getting it in good on 5th street in Stud Hi, only to get outdrawn to a flush. Fucking waste of my only two tokens, as usual, but really, in this HORSE, I played terribly for the most part. I was outplayed, but more so because I played much worse than usual, not because the players were so much better.

11:21pm - Naturally. Thanks to a couple of turdgargling mouthbreathers, who think calling off over half their chips with one over is a good play, I'm out of everything else except for a measly FTP $3 KO. Naturally. My hand hurts from where I punched the bottom of my mouse. ABS plastic = 1, left hand = 0. In fact, I lost another 10% of my Bodog roll thanks to a couple of fuckers who prefer playing from the 30% side of a 70/30. I guess that's one way to avoid races -- get all your money in as no better than a 2:1 dog. That's the ticket. Worst part is, I only get to play once a week, and can't even get my pound of flesh from those toolbaskets. I'm thinking for them, reading Phil Gordon would actually be a good thin for their online poker game.

12:56am - Well, at least I went out with a cash tonight, finishing 17th of 532 in a $3.30 KO. Unfortunately, I never really did get any cards, only got one knockout, and rode a short stack from the final 120 players down to my eventual exit, when I shoved 33 UTG with 1.5 BB, and got four flushed on the turn.

Overall, it was a rough poker night, as once again, the Bofuckers hosed me from a cash (went out 10 from the money in the Bodog $5R, when my SB raise (with ATs) was overshoved by the BB, who ended up having TT. Duh. Case ten on the flop sealed my fate. All I have to show for tonight is a small cash in a small $$/big field MTT, and yet another bloggerment bridesmaid. A little piece of my soul just died.