Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Welcome to the Doghouse

So these guys have jumped into the swirling waters of Bodog's online poker MTTs? I, for one, say welcome! Please drop your chips off at my seat on the way out. Okay, I keed, I keed. I do honestly wish the both of you continued health to your run-good genes, especially in the latter stages.

The interface is improved, the three-table limit is still kinda hokey, but I can deal. Chad's read on mid-to-late stage tourney play at Bodog is pretty much spot on. Players will limp call your raises, or overshove light, near and past the bubble all day, hence the need for strong run-good genetics and mad suckout-avoidance skills.

Still, as frustrating to me as things have been, the site's still treated me better in the poker arena than any other this year, and dive into that pool again tonight, I will. Oh, I will. I just hope I can have the pleasure of running into Don and Chad in my travels, though I suspect they're playing a bit higher than I am, given their recent early successes.

On the bloggerment front, tonight is another week in NYRambler's series. Here's hoping I can improve my finish by one spot. Tonight it's a $2R event, and the password is, as usual, epicfail. Which, oddly enough, describes my recent performances.

Also on tap is the Skillz Series, dishing up double stack bounty Limit Hold'em. I haven't yet registered for that, as I may play the 8pm big ass field $26 at Full Tilt, and will need to give my attention to that. No FTOPS for me, once again. I don't have the roll for it, don't have the roll for $75 satellites into same, the $26 satellites don't pay enough seats, and I don't have a stake.

I may try some of $mokee's challenge SNG's over at the 'dog, though. We'll see.

7:58pm - Well, finally went out of the SNG, but in 3rd place, for $32. Picked up some pots, and played tight into the money. Standard pushmonkey from there.

8:02pm - 7 left in NYRambler's game. I'm on top, and only in for $4, yay me. Would you believe 106 rebuys?!?!?!

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