Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Brief Poker Update

So I actually did manage to get my game on in the online poker realm this past Sunday, after not sleeping post Underground Music Showcase.

The good news? Went two for two in peep token SNGs. I was going to use one trying to satellite into the Sunday HORSE tourney, but missed the start time while winning the token. Since I can almost never play on Sundays, that means I'll have a couple shots at the big 10pm EST Full Tilt donkaments ($28k guaranteed?), unless someone has any better ideas for me. That's the same tourney I took 2nd in one time, but that was over 2.5 years ago now. I rarely have tokens, so rarely have to think what to do with them.

Played a JokerStars $3.30 HORSE tourney, and dropped to under 100 chips in the 1st hour, and yet managed to come back and finish 13th out of 400 runners. Nice, right? Well, only paid $14 for my efforts. Otherwise, the perma doomswitch remains in the fully on position for me at JokerStars, which is why I'll be no threat to win the Tao of Pauly tourney tonight. It doesn't matter what the cards are...if I'm ahead, you'll suck out on me like a hooker with a Hoover. If I'm behind, I can't catch 15 outs twice, never mind a gutshot or overcard. If I'm 80% preflop, you're in a coinflip with me.

Bodog was hit or miss. Came real close to a couple final tables, going out 13th in the late night $33 MTT. That was a bit of a disappointment, because I was chipleader during a good part of the second hour, but went terribly card dead around the bubble, and stayed that way. But I lost $$$ on Bodog after all was said and done, because I went out just before the bubble in the $5R, after being in for $25, and had no traction in other events.

In the end, the final result for the day was a shift of $$$ from cash into token value at Tilt, treading water at Bodog, and going near busto at Stars, with about $10 left. As for performance, I cashed in roughly 1/3 of my events, but three times finished one table short of final table. Hoping to do better tonight, but given the bankroll suck that July was for me, I can live with a break even day, especially given the number of events I played.

Right now, the Bodog and Tilt rolls are 1/2 their highs or less, so it's time to actually make some hay or find a new hobby, since I'm too close to my "no deposit in 2008" goal to replenish. (Given the recent Google page rank shenanigans, well addressed in so many better-written blogs, I'm pretty sure there won't be any advertisers depositing in my JokerStars account any time soon.)

That's funny, because I have no idea what my page ranking even is...

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your google pagerank is 2