Friday, August 08, 2008

Are You Coming For the Convention?

If you're coming out to Denver for the Democratic National Convention later this month in Denver, there's a few things you're probably going to want to know about our fair city. To help guide you along the way, three members of the Denver Visitors Bureau have put together a short video to point out some of the finer features of the Mile High City.*

Without further ado:

*It probably helps if you were close to a mile high while watching the vid. Thanks to one of my favorite drummers for posting the vid.

Or, you can just show up and ride the DNC shuttle, which the Good Doctor Mondo has been driving a couple of days a week lately...

Oh yeah, there may be close to 50 games left, and I shall bleed purple forever, but the Rockies' season is officially over. Losing both games of a doubleheader? At home? To the worst team in baseball? With two of your best on the hill? Gack. Let's start shaping the club for next year, because 2008 is done. I don't care if we're still eight back, even if you could consider that still having a chip and a chair.

That said, a bad day at the ballpark beats the hell out of a good day almost everywhere else. And that will never change.

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