Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Did You Enjoy the Opening Ceremonies?

Hmm, not only was some of the music faked and lipsynched, but the actual singer wasn't even the little girl the lying communist government would have you believe. Oh yeah, the fireworks you saw on TV? Some of that was "digitally enhanced", too, and if you were sitting in the stadium, that's not what you saw.

It's amazing how much the nation's commercial interests are willing to suck the teat of the Red Army just for the sake of a few shekels.

Maybe the next time the Olympics are in China, even the events themselves will be stage-managed and actually filmed from a soundstage in Vancouver.

NBC's the worst of the lot, frankly. First, they stage manage event scheduling so that the glamour events can be shown live in the U.S. (gymnastics, swimming, etc.) Never mind the fact this fucks the athletes by requiring that finals take place at times like 8:30 in the morning. Then, NBC has the gall to only show the events live in the eastern and central time zones, so that us in the entire western half of the country get tubed just the same.

But then, NBC has pretty much been a hind tit suck of a network for the last 20 years anyway. Remember their "plausibly live" coverage of Sydney? They're like the Bush White House version of broadcast honesty. At least have the fucking decency to take off the "live" logo in the Mountain and Pacific time zones. I mean, when I can read the results of a swimming race on another channel's sports ticker five minutes before you broadcast the race...ahem..."LIVE"...there's something rotten in Denmark.

But hey, it's all about the Benjamins, right? I hope the network chokes on their advertising dollars. BTW, the promos for that new Christian Slater show suck balls.

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