Thursday, August 28, 2008

So the Bodonkey is Bodover?

That really sucks. Big thanks again to $mokkee for doing such a cool job of hosting it back in the day. Between the overlays, the tough fields, and that awesome end of the line prize, Bodog had stepped up big time for us bloggers. But it's no longer to be, given how Bodog has laid off a group of office and marketing staff (Bodog denies any layoffs of server ops types).

In fact, I attribute more than a small part of this to Google fucking the poker bloggers' page ranks, as without search engine ranking, there's not much need for Bodog to become advertising partners with bloggers, and therefore, no need at all to be running a blogger's tournament series.

In fact, the news for Bodog appears to be pretty rough these days, what with rumors of imminent indictments (based on their sports betting operation), and the fact their poker operation's pretty much been a loss leader.

Bodonkey, I'm really gonna miss you.

Given all the bad news and rumors, I took a step I wasn't sure I'd ever take at that site:

That's right, I cashed out about 80% of my remaining roll on Bodog. It's not much, but I'm withdrawing an amount 4x what I ever deposited, so that part's cool. Of course, it's also less than half of what I had on there before I started my atrocious run of the last seven weeks. If anything, I wish the news had come about two months ago, and I could have avoided donking off half my roll. I could have bought a hell of a nice bass with what I had on Bodog at one point. But I didn't get caught up in the Neteller mess, and don't want to start now, if Bodog suddenly went tits up.

Still, we're told to expect eight weeks to receive payment. Eight weeks? Folks these days would get their homes foreclosed upon for less. So I'm more thankful that we're not even talking month-changing money, much less life-changing money. Nevertheless, the roll I had built before my downswing could have bought one hell of a nice bass if I wanted.

If I ever see the $$$, at that point in time, I'll probably split the amount and deposit it on Tilt and Stars, just so I can have some kind of roll to play with. I wouldn't see that as violating my goal not to deposit at all this year, because it's more a matter of a really delayed inter-site transfer. But given that those dollars are currently in limbo right now (and will be until at least late October), I'm down to about $350 all told spread on three different sites, which means I'm going to be limited to microballin' and playing free rolls before I know it, as I'd rather not blow that goal 2/3 of the way through the year.

Kind of a shame, as I've really enjoyed playing at Bodog, despite it's less-than-optimal software. At least until their RNG decided to treat me as if I were a misbehaving choir boy in a Boston parish.

Who knows, maybe I'll be able to grind up what little I've left on the site, but if it were to go away tomorrow, that would be one site I could leave a lifetime winnah.

May your pots be large, and your outs arrive on the river.

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