Monday, April 07, 2008

Zero Poker Content, and Zero (Winning) Baseball

Played absolutely zero poker over the weekend, but got in a couple of rousing Mexican Train domino games in with the Good Doctor Mondo and a couple of our dear friends. In fact, my only poker since last Tuesday was a single 90 player $3.30 KO SNG at FullTilt on Thursday night, which I played at home while reformatting some spreadsheets. Oh yeah, took 2nd place with about five KO bounties.

Went to Rockies games on Friday (home opener) and Sunday. Incredible seats (17 rows back, level with the pitching mound), but two really ugly losses. The new tamales at Coors Field are awesome. The hitting thus far is atrocious, aside from Todd Helton. It's still quite early, of course, but it's not often you see the Rox 30th in MLB in team batting average, ya know? The Good Doctor Mondo was, once again, a star of the Jumbotron, but no purple wig this time. Coors Field is still the greatest stadium in baseball to watch a game, and if you get in the neighborhood early enough on Sunday, you can even find FREE parking within two blocks of 20th and Blake.

Lots of poker tonight and tomorrow -- trying for my fourth bar poker victory in eight weeks tonight, but even if I crash out early, I'll make it home for some juicy online action. Tomorrow, of course, are the Skillz and Bodonkey games, which I'll mention with more vigor tomorrow. Work is still kicking my ass, and will for the next 2.5 months or so...

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