Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Congratulations to Scrupboy

He's a blogger, but not a BBT3er -- a local lad who's regaled a couple of us with the stories of his rollercoaster Zero to Hero challenge. Well, after that was done, Scrupboy dug down deep and dropped $10 into JokerStars a couple weeks ago, and has pretty much run wild ever since:

Check out the latest craze on Scrupboy's dancefloor:

And check out his blog, while you're at it. Very well done, Son.

My Bodonkey final table pales in comparison, but I'll blog about that later, just the same.

Rockies are marching back towards .500, and the bats are waking up. Bullpen's been almost unhittable last couple of games. Life is good.

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Scrupboy said...

Thanks for the "MAD PROPS" Mondo! I just recently updated the blog with a few screen caps of the win.