Thursday, April 24, 2008

When Free is Just Not Good Enough

A friend of mine is singing the National Anthem today at the Rockies game. Sweet. The Cubs are in town, and the team's got a ticket for me at Will Call, thanks to the honey vocal stylings of El Guapo.

My favorite Rockies pitcher is starting today, and I even have his actual honest-to-goodness rookie season road jersey to wear to the game, to watch him sink sink sink the Cubbies.

Unfortunately, I can't go. Work is truly kicking me in the junk right now. A free ticket, a beautiful day, a businessman's special, and I simply can't be gone from the office for 3.5 hours today. So sick.

Rather feels like picking up pocket AA at a table when everyone else has 20x your chip stack, ya know?

At least I'm still hopeful I'll manage to get to these guys' CD release show tonight, if only because it's a lot easier for me to be somewhere late than somewhere early (but with my workload, I don't think I can be out until 1am watching live moozik). The Widowers are really one of the best things Denver's got going on musically these days, and that's saying a lot.

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Pipedream said...

Damn....bad beat!