Monday, April 14, 2008

Tough Times and Idiotic Plays

Yesterday was tough all the way around on the tables. Played seven tourneys, cashed in zero, and completely gave away a Tier Two token that was mine for the asking.

I came *this* close to cashing in the $11R, but my short stack button push 200 out from the $$$ was called by a mid stack SB playing J4, which crushed my A8o, but I can't truly fault the call, as I'd shoved the last two orbits from an unopened button, and SB had to think I was shoving light, at that point, but my M was down to about 4.

If you look at my OPR, it doesn't tell the story...worst of all was the $14 token frenzy on FTP (playing for $75 tokens).

153 players in the $14 Token Frenzy, with 26 tokens up for grabs, and I triple up first hand. Give a few back, gain a few more...

With 88 players left, and me holding an 8th place stack, I pick up TT under the gun and raise to 800. Called by a middle position player who had me covered, called by button, and a shortly SB shoved (just under 2k, about 40% of my stack, but only about 2.4x my original bet). Tough spot, but I considered folding. I also considered kicking myself for not trying to limp my TT, but I think limping there UTG is bad. I knew if I folded now, I could not just fold to tokens, as I might have been able to do had I not even stepped my toe in the water at all. But c'mon, I'm holding TT. So I called.

Of course, mid position called (or re-raised, I forget now), the button shoved, and now I'm faced for a decision for all my chips, But I was now already in for 40% of my stack, and would have been shortish if I fold, leaving me with an M of 6-7. So, I called. Duh.

My TT ran into KK, AA, and KQ (yeah, the original SB short stack shover had KQo.) So gross. Zero cashes at all in anything yesterday, much less run deep, and that Tier Two should have been mine.

Today's another day.

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