Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How to Win and Tilt at the Same Time

Last night had to be one of the more exasperating nights of my meager poker career. Certinaly, it was the most disappointing profitable night I've had.

I played in a total of ten tournaments last night, and managed to cash in four, for a 40% ITM. Sounds nice, yeah? Especially considering all but one were MTTs? Well, the eRoll didn't exactly end up too much higher than the night started, but such is life.

The best microcosm of my entire evening is this lil' nugget I flopped, in a Full Tilt $3 KO MTT:

It was fairly early in the tourney, and I'd donked off a bit chasing possible KOs, so I wanted to get some real value out of my first flopped straigth flush in forfuckinever. So, when tedwins9 bet out 90, I chose to simply call, and Caridi came along for the ride. And when both called my turn shove, I figured, thankyouverymuch. Boy, was I ever wrong:

Last night's Skillz Donkey Supremo likes to talk about the concept of setup hands. Well, I think I finally found one. Even if I raise the flop bet, tedwins9 is likely 3-betting all in there, given every form of open-ended draw in the book. The look on Caridi's face must have been priceless, though.

Crashed out of the Skillz in about...oh...24th, when I overplayed and committed myself to a semi-bluff (showing a flush draw, actually having a real nice low draw that busted), and one that another shortish stack had a hand to play with.

Donked out of the Bodog Blogger Tournamnet four lousy spots from some much needed tournament series points, when I shoved AQ into a big stack's AK. I was short enough that the shove seems okay, but damn. I'm 30th in the standings with 7 weeks to go, and only top 18 play for the seat. (any points at all would have put me at least about 22nd). When all is said and done, last night may bee the crucial event that leaves me out of the Top 18.

Went deep in the Bodog $8k, but got sucked out on to go home 22nd or so, just before the money got really tasty. Limped into $$$ in the Bodog $5k, but was never a factor.

However, the real tilt moment came in the nightly peep token frenzy. The picture does it most justice:

I'd tripled up early, and won and lost a few smaller pots, but with two orbits left, and 50 players, I thought I had plenty of chips to fold to the token. At any rate, my next two orbits were consisted of completely unplayable cards and little FE, anyway.

There's 40 tokens (and 1 cash prize) up for grabs, and go home 42nd, when the only shorter stack than I called my allin big blind with QQ from under the gun. (I had about 200 chips, he had 63(!!) and it was 800/400/100 at the time. Oh yeah, BB was in the hand, too. If BB's hand holds, I at least get the cash. So gross and painful.

Anyway, that was the night. What I earned in $$$, I definitely gave up in sanity. Lost everything I truly wanted to win, and won...well...not much to blog home about.

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$mokkee said...

pokah can be a brutal game. GL at the tables and in next week's Bodonkey.