Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm Through

With bar poker, that is.


Who fucking calls a MP call and button shove, out of the small blind for 1/3 of their stack, with...

...68, sooted or not.

Final championship tourney, top three get paid. 6th place no good because of six-fucking-eight. Naturally, the flop comes 457.

I'm through with bar poker.


Anonymous said...

Man I can relate, but with my "break" from serious poker I find bar poker to be therapeutic. I did Donk my way to my first win of this quarter. You can't fade drunken monkeys who play bar poker as I proved this weekend.

And yes....I would have called you with 68soooted this weekend as well ;) nawww probably not. Hopefully you'll kick ass in the Final

Anonymous said...

My bad just reread that and saw that was in the final...ouch!

Scrupboy said...

That sucks Mondo and is one of the reasons that I just cannot bring myself to play bar poker regularly. I get invited a lot to play with some friends which I attend occasionally and usually do well (4/6 in the last year). It's so tough to beat these guys consistently due to the nature of the suckout and players just not knowing when to lay it down due to odds. Tough beat man! Just play it for what it is, entertainment. There's no way you can play these games and expect to do well over the long run, unless you play everyday.