Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tuesday Night - Back to the Well

Bar poker, gahhh. In position to take it down, final five players. Blinds are 2k/4k, and I'm sitting on 28k. Raise to 12k UTG with AKo, and a calling station player of very little real skill, aside from suckout ability, calls. Flop is 754 rainbow, and I shove. She calls and shows ATo. I'm licking my chops at having a dominating stack when the 3-outer T hits on the river.

For a moment, I consider whether she calls if I wait until the turn to shove, when I realize of course she would, she's been nothing more than a passive calling station for the two years I've seen her at this game. Oh well.

Hoping for better results tonight at the Bodog Blogger Tournament and the Blogger Skillz Series games. At least, at lot better than my donktastic performance last week.

We're at the halfway pole of the Bodog Poker Blogger Tournament Series. In fact, I believe tonight marks the halfway point in our journey to win a World Series Main Event seat to play with Team Bodog 2008. Join up and challenge other Poker Bloggers each Tuesday in our Bodog Poker Room and live to tell about it. Earn points and work your way up the Tournament Leader Board for a spot in the final tournament for your chance to win a $12,000 World Series of Poker* prize package and be a part of Team Bodog 2008.

How to Participate
This tournament is open to poker bloggers worldwide. Players must have a Bodog Member Player Account to register.
If you are new to Bodog, please sign up at http://poker.bodoglife.com/

Players are then required to go to http://www.bodoglife.com/promotions/poker/blogger-tournament/ and sign in with their Bodog account information in the upper right hand corner. Once this is completed, they must then click on "REGISTER NOW" to register themselves into the tournament series. Bloggers will each have to do this once in order to play in the series. Once this is done, they then need to find the "Online Poker Blogger Tournament" in the software and register as they normally would each and every week.

Players are encouraged to register early. If you need assistance with signing up for the tournament or with starting a Bodog member player account, please call Bodog's Poker Customer Service at 1-866-909-2237 or contact us prior to start time at http://www.bodogbloggertournament.com/contact

Tournament prizes, leader board and tournament schedule available at http://www.bodoglife.com/promotions/poker/blogger-tournament/

Not only are there bounties, $Ts overlays, and lots of juicy goodness, but there's also Buddy Dank radio! Tune in, tune in!

Tonight is also Chad's Blogger Skillz Series. The soup d'jour is HORSE. Yet another game for button mashing, mutton gnashing bloggers, but one in which I have faith in my grand suckout skills. Actually, if I can just find the fold button myself during the SE rounds, I may just do okay...

See you there!

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Scrupboy said...

Got to loves bar poker! It's sooooo hard to play these games, as you already know, raising serves no purpose other then to sweeten the pot. You never see anyone lay down a flush draw (or a gutshot for that matter) for their tournament life. Don't get me wrong as there can be some good play and the majority of the time you will take advantage of these poor players, but now and then you just have to bend over and take your beating. At least you had those nice runs previously to compensate. =]]