Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Busted My First Bodog Pro

Every picture tells a story, and this one...

says, ship the bounty, baby.

Oh yeah, Vinnay caught a miracle river three outer (all in PF) to knock me out on the final table bubble. So sick. I ended up spending about 90 minutes as chipleader, and a couple beats sent me home. Picked up a few points, but damn, I was really looking at a top 3 finish until that.

Also bubbled the final table of the Bodog $3k, when K2o < 62o. Fuck, I'm really starting to grow frustrated with Bodog's RNG right now. Two fucking final table bubbles in one night, and almost nothing to show for it. I should be able to win ONE effin' 93% hand on a final table bubble. I'll get over it, of course.


$mokkee said...

congrats on the bounty!

lightning36 said...

Good job taking out a pro. I take out Fischman at Full Tilt and get a shirt (yet to be received). You take out a pro and get $100. I was robbed!

Instant Tragedy said...


I still think $100 is +EV

Good Luck in the Bodonkey!