Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bloggerments Shmloggerments

Well, that's about how she goes. Tuesday was definitely my worst ever performance in nightly bloggerments ever, and there's really no one to blame but myself.

In the Bodonkey, I never truly got going, and about 1/2 through the first hour, I raise a flop with ye olde untrustworthy TPTK. AJ soooted, I believe. After being raised, I shoved right into a flopped two pair, and IGH 43rd of 44. Ugh. It didn't seem like a particularly tough table or field that night, either, and I definitely wasted a chance to move up the leaderboard.

Things in the Skillz game were worse...after chipping up to 4k the first orbit, I proceed to go out like 83rd, because I forgot my own cardinal rule about how over 1/2 the field had disabled their fold buttons. I had so many quality hands go down to ugly turns and rivers, it wasn't even funny. Only one time, for a largish pot, did I think the opposing player actually play the kind of hand that should be seeing a raised preflop pot in Limit O8, but whatev, it was still very nearly a great night.

See, remember that $75 token I luckboxed my way into? I finally used it, in Full Tilt's $23k guarantee KO, with $15 for each knockout. There were about 432 runners, with 45 paid. At first, I tread softly, thinking the skill level was going to be higher than I was used to. However, after about 90 minutes, it hit me how many others were probably in on Tier Two tokens, because the play really was no different than the $11 KO MTTs, or the $11 turbo KO 90 player SNGs.

I had to overcome a short stack, after getting three outed by a shorty on the river, which dropped me to about 1600 (3000 starting chips). This make KOs very hard to come by because, chip up as I did for 4+ hours, I was always behind average chips. However, by the time the bubble broke, I was still alive, and working hard. Unfortunately, the fourth hour brought total card death, and with 16 players left (and me 16th in chips, I shoved KQ soooted from 2nd position (UTG had called), and UTG called me with a 66 that held. Still, I was able to turn $14 into a Tier Two, and that token in to $199 plus a single KO bounty. I think it's odd that I could survive past 415 players in a 432 person field, and only have one KO, but my few all ins were always with me as a shorter stack.

In fact, the only two showdowns I lost the entire tourney were the 1st hour 3-outer, and the hand of my demise. Nine showdowns out of about 350 hands, and only seeing 9% of flops. That's MiamiDon poker, I suppose.

Anyway, the field didn't seem that tough, and if I can't be around for the Big Game, I've found a decent use for those Tier Two tokens going forward.

Also played the Bodog $8k guarantee, and went out around 20th or so for a somewhat decent cash, as well. In the end, it was a somewhat profitable night, but performing so poorly in the bloggerments really leaves a sour taste, ya know?

Work is truly kicking me in the junk these days, so we'll have to see how often I can post. I was going for two posts every three days, but I may be lucky to do 2-3 a week, at least until this trial in early June. We'll see how it goes. I'm definitely a no-go for the Heartland Poker Tour qualifiers, because I just can't take the time off work to go up the hill. At least they're back in September, and I'll be rolling in so much OT pay from trial that I can definitely give it a shot.

Tonight's the Mookie, but it started 90 minutes ago....

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